Pleasures in small things; further tales of my quest to stay happy

It’s strange how this year seems to have flown and crawled at the same time. The last few weeks have moved so fast but looking back to March, when the country first went into lockdown seems so long ago.

After a time when things have been more relaxed socially, it’s now heading in the opposite direction. Thinking of a few nice things that have happened over the last few weeks is a tonic, it keeps my thinking positive.

Since my last post we’ve fitted in a holiday in the Cotswolds, staying in a cottage for a week in September and walking a lot. Feeling the need for nature, we signed up for a forest bathing session, this turned out to be a trek through the woods and included me falling comically on my backside (always happy to entertain).

We also visited Bath, where we had booked to go to the Holburne Museum, to an exhibition of Grayson Perry: The Pre-Therapy Years (very good and on until Jan 3rd 2021, lockdowns notwithstanding). If Grayson Perry’s laughter could be bottled, I’d buy it, he never fails to make me join in and laugh along!

That feels like long ago now! This month has been all about my new kiln and trying out different ceramics techniques. As well as making my jewellery, I’ve been dabbling with ceramic wall art (a bit of enamelling popped in to the boat one shown below, I couldn’t resist it). I really love working with clay. I think it takes me back to childhood and the fun of art club at school. The hours fly by. A few of my ideas (just snapped, mostly unfinished) are below, along with my shiny new kiln!

Yesterday we arrived back from a few days in Wales, we were able to visit with relatives and catch up (first and last time this year probably). We have scattered relations and friends and have seen so little of people this year. Just as well we went when we did because Wales, we heard today, is going to be locked down at the end of the week.

We managed some sea therapy dog walks, so restorative!

As to the rest of the time. It’s been filled with:

Reading – my latest two:

Tidying up the garden and eating the last of the harvest. The jar contains green tomato salsa. The amazing thing about our tomato harvest was that it all came from one cherry tomato that Philip decided to split open and plant up the seeds from. It’s a true make do and mend, lockdown harvest!

And just not looking forward too far, accepting that plans are there to be broken and being as chilled with that as I can be.

Sending out best wishes, stay safe.

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  1. Mamata Gahan says:

    Loved your article !!Keep writing !!


    1. Thank you for the encouragement, it’s much appreciated.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mamata Gahan says:

        Keep your article on the go ! And can I ask you favor? Would you like to go through my blog and let me know how you find it in terms of being informative ?Would love to see your recommendations .Thank you .


  2. Ann says:

    That’s it: the year has indeed both crawled and flown, which is something I’m still trying to get my head around. Things are going pear-shaped again too here … I’m glad to hear you’ve managed to squeeze in a holiday in the Cotswolds, and that you were able to do lots of walking. That’s exactly what we did on our little getaway in September. Your ceramic wall art is absolutely gorgeous! A walk on the beach is always very restorative, with or without dogs 🙂 There can’t be anything better than produce from your own garden. I’m in awe of your tomato harvest! Stay safe, Sally! xxx


    1. It was an amazing harvest, that was just a fraction of it, lots of red ones too and I haven’t had to buy any for weeks!
      I’ve heard about Belgium on the news, I think it’s getting serious again everywhere. Cambridge had low levels but its started going up here to this week, maybe because the students are back and the city is much fuller.
      It was good to get away for a breather, the Cotswolds are a lovely place for walking. xxx


  3. Vix says:

    I’m so glad you were able to get to Wales before it shut (we weren’t allowed in with our Tier 2 level) and that you had a wonderful trip to The Cotswolds, I’d move there tomorrow if I was loaded!
    I’m in awe of Philip’s tomatoes and all of your harvest. I absolutely love your ceramics and you both look fabulous out and about (and so does Ziggy!)
    We do have the same taste in books, I love both those authors!
    Take care! xxx


    1. Wales was lovely, we’ve had quite a lot of worry about elderly relatives but also some great catching up and lovely scenery on our travels. I reckon everywhere is going to be in tighter restrictions soon, rates are rising in Cambridge this week too.
      I’m glad I have the shed to escape to, I can forget what’s going on outside when I’m in there.
      If you ever see a book you’d like to read let me know, I’d be more than happy to pass it on. xxx


  4. krish says:

    Stay blessed 🙏


    1. Thank you, you too 🙂


  5. A new kiln! That’s exciting and looks perfect if you want to dabble in ceramic jewelry. I still have a few pieces that I made back in the 80’s-would throw my pieces in with a class’s firing. It’s wonderful that you took some time to take a trip when you could. Michael and I have been pretty much staying home since March. Now, I sort of wish we had gone somewhere in June, because it’s getting very bad here and we are back to square one it seems.
    How do you like the Jessie Burton book-I’ve never read her but saw Audible has two of her others I could listen to. I’m lazy with non-fiction that way, I listen while I sew. Right now, I’m on book three of the Poldark series and have a lot to go before, I can read anything else.

    Love your pictures, as always and yes, small things is the important thing now, and just happy that we are healthy and hope to stay so. Take care and stay safe, Terri

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    1. I’d love to see what you made. I’m really enjoying it, it’s a great little kiln.
      I read all of the Poldark series years ago before I left home. Have you seen the recent series? I loved it. I can recommend Jessie Burton, The Miniaturist is very good, I think it was made into a film although I’ve never seen it.
      Things are starting to get bad again here too, more and more areas are being put under tighter restrictions.
      I hope you and Michael keep safe and stay well. xxx

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      1. I have seen the series and just rebinged it on Amazon. I started reading the books a couple of months ago.
        I‘ve seen The Miniaturist on PBS last year.

        Stay safe, you to and take care. xxx

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