A few of my favourite things

It’s been all about making the most of the little things this year. My pace of life has slowed down considerably but I’m choosing to look at the benefits. My holidays were cancelled, so I really appreciate days out. I haven’t been out for a meal for months, I have had some gorgeous food at home though.

It’s been a brown paper packages tied up with string year. Actually quite literally for me, I wrap presents in it and add some herbs from the garden for decoration. It makes me ridiculously happy to look at the finished result.

A present wrapped with hyssop

I’ve had time to try out new make up, I decided to treat myself to some new eye shadow and found these little pots of vegan shadow by honeypie minerals. I bought some new brushes to apply it with (decadence!). I also replaced my favourite mascara which had started to dry out.

Speaking of maintenance, I have developed my hair regime over these months at home.

My hair is fine and curly. It goes frizzy in high humidity and so conditioner is a must. I always used coconut oil once a week but decided to try something new since I had so much time on my hands. First I massage the roots with aloe vera, then I warm shea butter in my hands and apply to the lengths. I then tie it up and walk around all day like this, before washing it with a caffeine based shampoo. I then add argan oil and let it dry naturally.

I also cut it myself. I reasoned that it doesn’t look much different if I pay a fortune or do it myself. Over the years I’ve had haircuts that have been good, fine and also really terrible. The last by hairdressers who haven’t realised just how much shorter my hair is when it’s dry due to the curl.

I have sated my need for creativity by doing some work, all in my shed. I’ve found myself focusing on the things I love most; ceramics and enamelled copper.

I’ve been adding to the enamels I already have and have recently used lilac with blue and yellow with green

I’ve slowed down my making, I only make what I really like and I make far less . It can take me a week to decide how I want a piece to end up. The slower pace feels good.

After my tuition stopped abruptly at the start of lockdown when the schools and colleges closed, I have decided to stop doing it. It feels positive to have finally made the decision.

I haven’t spent as much time looking after the garden as I meant to. After a slow start to planting, I never really caught up. When the garden centres reopened, I bought seeds that have largely failed to germinate and the vegetable seedlings have produced lots of food for visiting deer and nothing for us.

The courgette plants keep producing fruit which is eaten as fast as they appear.

The fruit trees are just getting on with it, thank goodness. The Discovery apples are just about ready to eat and the plums have been harvested, stewed and frozen.

The greengages and Cox’s apples are coming along nicely.

I have realised that as much as I love to wear bright prints (the skirt below left I made from fabric I bought on ebay a few weeks ago), I also love wearing different textures. I’ve also realised that I like either one or the other but not both together. So I’ve learnt something new about myself!

And where would I be without day trips, specifically to the seaside? Last week we finally managed a visit to the North where I am originally from, we took the opportunity to visit the coast. After days of rain (friends and family told us it hadn’t stopped recently), we had the most glorious day. We paddled, rock-pooled and strolled. Ziggy loved it. We topped it off with a picnic and felt thoroughly refreshed.

With holidaymakers returning from Spain being asked to quarantine and flights being cancelled, this year’s holidays are anything but straightforward.

A break from routine is welcome and I’m making the most of them. This is certainly simple living!

The temperatures are set to rise at the end of the week, fingers crossed.

As ever, stay safe.

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  1. krish says:

    Beautiful narration…lovely way to utilise the time… beautiful pictures


    1. Thank you very much. Lovely of you to comment 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Vix says:

    I’m sad that your holiday was cancelled, what a mess it all is. Two couples I know were due to fly to Spain on Monday and spent hours and hours on the phone to Tui, luckily both managing to reschedule.
    Your hair looks fab, its certainly the perfect time to experiment with new beauty treatments and the jewellery you’ve made is gorgeous. Great idea to really think about what you’re going to make instead of steaming ahead regardless, something I’m guilty of.
    The trip up North looked amazing, I’m glad Ziggy enjoyed himself, too.
    You’re way ahead in the growing stakes. It’ll be ages before we eat a courgette, only flowers so far!
    That bright skirt is gorgeous! xxx


    1. We we very lucky to have got a full refund for our holiday and I feel sorry for the person letting the place we were due to stay. It’s a shame not to have a holiday but not important in the greater scheme of things. I feel sorry for your friends though, it sounds like a real hassle for them and I do think the timing of announcements and general co ordination could be much better. We seem to hear something one day only for it to be contradicted the next.
      It was great to get up North again, I still haven’t managed to see my mum though. The beach was a lovely break. xxx


  3. Ann says:

    It’s not much fun that one’s holiday is cancelled, isn’t it? I do think that, even when it would have been possible, the sensible thing to do right now is not to travel abroad. Your trip up North including a paddle in the sea sounds like paradise, though. The UK does have so much natural beauty to offer! I’m certainly living at a slower pace too, but still having to go into the office two days a week means I haven’t been able to slow down altogether. Those wall plaques are gorgeous! xxx


    1. The beaches in the North East are a bit of a hidden gem, they really are beautiful. I do love a trip to the beach for lifting the spirits.
      The news is full of reports of spikes in cases everywhere, and like you it’s put me off travel at the moment. That and the suddenly imposed, no notice quarantines.
      Today is lovely weather, so it feels like a holiday in the garden! xxx


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