Armchair travel and local visits

Maybe its because we’ve been at home for months and added to this our Ibiza holiday has been cancelled, whatever the reason we haven’t been able to get enough of travel programmes over the last few months.

We’ve worked our way steadily through two series of Race Across the World (we liked series 2 best but the first series is also good), anything with the adventurous Simon Reeve and also Ben Fogle’s New Lives in the Wild Revisited (not strictly a travel programme, if you haven’t seen it, its about people who give up their lives and routines to start afresh).

The last couple of weeks however we have definitely got out more. We haven’t been to a crowded beach but we did go to the seaside. We had a picnic and a long dog walk and saw very few people, so it can be done if the right place is chosen

We had decided on where we were going and didn’t expect there to be many people there, its a quiet spot. We decided that if it did turn out to be crowded, we would turn around and come home.

We had a relaxing time on the Suffolk Coast (just the occasional dog-walker – see behind us bottom right), came home refreshed and the sun shone all day long.

The week prior to our micro-mini break, we visited the Cambridge University Botanic Garden. It had to be booked in advance and was a surprise birthday gift. It was quiet and serene and beautiful as ever. The glasshouses weren’t admitting visitors but everywhere else was open, including the cafe, for takeouts only.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that we have been having good weather lately, no such luck unfortunately, most days have been grey and rainy. It’s just that I much prefer to focus on the sunshine in my minuscule travel blog!

Even when we don’t go anywhere special, we usually get out to walk Ziggy, he loves it whatever the weather and it’s become a welcome break in the day.

Winter boots in July, it must be the great British summertime!

Some days things feel almost back to normal, until a visit to the supermarket wearing a mask reminds me of the new normal.

Happy summertime, especially if you have holiday plans, a possibility now perhaps? Fingers crossed you enjoy them. If not, wishing you lots of pleasant moments in your days this summer.

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    1. Thank you very much 😊


  1. I’m a teeny bit envious of your lovely beach trip, I do love a pebble beach. You must have chosen a lovely day, your photos are fabulous.
    The Cambridge University garden looks wonderful, too. I’m sorry that you’ve had to cancel your holiday, I remember you both loving Ibiza last time you went and admiring the photos.
    Lovely photo of you and Ziggy.
    Jon & I were addicted to Race Across the World and always enjoy Simon Reeve’s programmes. The Bettany Hughes Greek Odyssey series is really good (despite it being on Channel 5!) and the Huey Morgan Latin American Music Adventure is excellent, too. Our flight isn’t booked until septemebr but I’m still doubtful if it will go ahead so like you pair, we’re living vicariously through TV travel shows! xxx


    1. I think the Latin Music Adventure will be next on our list. I have my fingers crossed that you’ll get to Corfu in September. This feels like a year lost in time.
      I love a wild shoreline, lots of marram grass and boat skeletons, or, better still hot sun, sandy beach and coconut palms, we definitely don’t get that on the Suffolk coast. I always think I’d like to live by the sea, Ziggy would love it. xxx


  2. Ann says:

    I envy you your visit to the seaside, Sally! I’d love to go, but there is literally nowhere quiet on the Belgian coast. We only have 65 kilometers of coastline, and everybody flocks to the coast whenever there’s a ray of sunshine in Summer. The Cambridge University Botanic Garden looks glorious. We are looking forward to a week away to Belgium’s west country in the first week of September. Fingers crossed our plans aren’t scuppered again. Fingers crossed that Summer makes a speedy return. We have definitely been sharing weather lately. We’ve put on the heating again and I’ve been considering digging out my tall boots! xxx


    1. The botanic garden is lovely, it’s one of my favourite places in Cambridge. The Suffolk coast was good too where we went is quite wild, it’s not Ibiza though!
      I hope you get your holiday in September it’s often a good weather month so fingers crossed. xxx


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