When Rain Stopped Play

Scenes from the garage roof

After weeks of living in the garden, the skies darkened and along with torrential rain we have had a couple of evenings of thunderstorms. This morning it has rained continuously, stopping just before lunch.

The garden is looking very grateful and abundant, the leaves have perked up and I feel sure the fruit has grown larger. Strolling round the sodden garden and taking photos of how things are progressing it’s all looking very promising.

I finally paid a visit to the local garden centre and I’ve been playing catch up, planting everything a bit later than I usually would but I now have veg and herbs.

The goosberry bush that had been in the garden for the last five or so years came to a sticky end at the weekend. It had never thrived and was looking denuded of leaves and covered in lichen so Philip dug it up. We were going to move it to a sunnier spot at the other side of the garden, unfortunately once out of the ground it fell to pieces. I love gooseberries so we went straight down to the garden centre again and bought a new one, fingers crossed for a harvest next year.

Another loss to the garden has been our beloved old lime tree. It has slowly died over the last few years but has been a stopping off point for all sorts of birds (see goose sitting on top of it in the top middle photo) and hung with bird feeders it was quite a social venue for them. We also had rune pennants hanging from it and it felt quite magical.

Philip leaned against it the other week and the whole thing rocked slightly. We knew it was time to do something about it so we sought advise and were told it needed to come down. Just a few days later and after a socially distanced felling event! It was gone. As it hit the ground it turned mostly to sawdust and the rest is dotted around the garden nourishing the soil.

It looked so wrong with nothing there that we have already planted another tree. Before we did though, we dug lots of wood out of the soil and replaced it with five bags of topsoil and a bag of compost. We now have a sorbus (mountain ash) in its place:

The new tree

I can’t remember why Philip had the water spray (below), or why he is clearly going to use it as a weapon! The other two photos, taken today show my garden candles (perfect for evenings in the garden and now each with a puddle of water sitting in it) and a pretty corner, I can’t remember the name of this climber that I planted last year but it has lovely blue flowers.

An afternoon in the house today and I may well carry on with the books I’m reading.

I might also get on with the bag I intend to make for myself from a felted embroidered jacket that I ruined by washing it. It was a gift and I loved it so I really want to turn it into something nice.

I am still working, I’ve made some jewellery this week. After a break for lack of inspiration, I felt refreshed enough to get back to it and it felt good to pick up my tools.

Many of the people I have spoken to recently have had things of varying severity to deal with, it has been a time like no other that’s for sure. I’m signing off now and wishing wellness and happiness to you all.

Ps You might have noticed that I added My before the title of my blog. That’s because it’s my spicy philosopy (i.e my own attitude to life) rather than me being Spicy Philosophy! That always felt wrong, so it just goes to show how organised I am that it’s taken several years for me to get round to changing it.

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  1. krish says:

    Beautiful garden…always great to live in natural green surrounding..

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    1. Many thanks. I agree, being in the garden is a happy place.


  2. Hello Sally and welcome back. We now desperately need a good rain here. There’s a good chance for tomorrow’s morning. I’m thinking about not covering up my grill-yes, that superstitious. I’ve been in my flower garden a lot so far this year-having gotten serious late last summer. With me, it was Monty Don and his Small Spaces series on Netflix. I‘be been seeing and knitting a bit-no surprise there, probably. I’m about to make another set of masks for us -they are going to be a part of our wardrobe for quite a while around here. Have you made any? Well, that’s enough for now-take care. Terri

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    1. Hi Terri,
      I watched Monty Don on the telly last night. I do love a good gardening programme.
      You are more than welcome to have a bit of our rain! Next week we are forecast to be in the 30’s so the summer clothes and sandals can safely come out again. We’ve had a hot spring and the rain has been welcome in reality, the garden really needed it. If we need more, I’ll just go out without an umbrella (also superstitious :)).
      I made masked too but may need more perhaps to colour complement clothes?
      Take care, it’s lovely to hear from you.
      Sally xxx

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  3. Vix says:

    Liking the slight change to your blog name!
    I’ve told Jon about your lime tree and he says he’s jealous, he wishes ours would fall over, our garden would be a lot lighter and Gilbert wouldn’t be constantly covered in sticky stuff for six months.
    What on earth is Philip doing with that spray bottle? You need to watch him!
    Your garden is looking lovely, I must think about growing fruit next year, both you and Ann mentioned gooseberries, it’s been years since I tasted one.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your jacket makeover, the fabric is gorgeous. Glad you’re enjoying Nomad, it’s a great bit of escapism! xxx

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    1. Hi VIX,
      I enjoyed Nomad and think I need to read the next one in the series now. Thanks for the recommendation.
      I was gutted about that jacket and also monumentally stupid to wash it. It was gorgeous and I promised the person who gave me it that I would make something from it. It will be a fairly small bag, it shrank a lot! At least it’s now tough enough to make a decent bag.
      Limes are nightmare for the sticky stuff from their leaves, we’ve also got a front garden full of them. The one in the back garden was in a place where it caused no problems and the birds loved it, so it was an exception.
      Cant wait for next week’s good weather! Have a great weekend xxx


  4. Ann says:

    I’m pleased to see that in spite of – or perhaps because of – the rain, your garden seems to be thriving. Everything is looking lush, green and healthy. Sorry to hear about the gooseberry bush and the lime tree. We had a huge lilac with a winter flowering Clematis growing through it, and both died on us over the last Winter. Jos was having nightmares about its removal but it actually all just crumbled to bits. We haven’t replaced it as it makes our garden so much lighter. Can’t wait to see the bag you’re making out of that gorgeous jacket. xxx

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    1. Hi Ann,
      You must miss the lilac, I bet it looked gorgeous with Clematis growing through it. You can’t beat extra light though, so I don’t blame you for not replacing it.
      I noticed in you last post that your gooseberry is red, our new one is too. It was the healthiest looking. I’m so hoping it thrives, I really love gooseberry nothing beats gooseberry compôte.
      If I manage to pull a bag out of the wreckage of the jacket I’ll share it!
      Have a lovely weekend xxx


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