Lockdown Creativity…or lack of it

Fruit on my espaliered pear

There’s a big hole full of good intentions and mine are all in it! I’ve been lazing around like the lazy feline in the sun that I’ve become. No sorry, that’s not being fair to cats, they look so elegant while they do nothing and I can’t lay claim to elegance at the moment.

Infact this explains why, despite promising myself that I would document this time, even if only for myself, I’ve failed to do so for the last couple of weeks.

The sun is beating down outside, it’s gloriously warm but I’ve taken a few minutes to drop by before I pour an iced drink and drift back into the garden.

Regarding creativity, I’ve been watching Grayson Perry’s Art Club and by the end of every episode I’m fired up to create but it’s not making it to more than a thought.

I wandered around the garden taking photos of some of the beauty infront of me, and its gorgeous.

It makes me want to paint…tomorrow. I’m happily indolent though, not complaining at all. All the doors and windows are open and the lines between house and garden have blurred into an impressionist painting.

I love sitting in the sun reading, current book is a historical detective novel set in 1590, nothing too arduous.

Latest book

But exciting enough to hold my interest.

A little bit of mending.

Trouser pocket repair

What is it with men’s trouser pockets, why aren’t they stronger?

Little else to share or show for the last week of lockdown.

We were out for the final clap for carers last night.

I did some food shopping.

We’ve eaten lovely food and watched telly.

And that is largely that.

Maybe I’ll be fired up again soon, I’m happy to just ride the tide and wait and see.

As ever wishing everyone well at this strange time

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  1. Ann says:

    I think this is happening to all of us from time to time, one way or another. Currently I’m still trying to fight it, but I can see that big hole of good intentions looming. But maybe it isn’t such a bad idea to let a state of indolence take over my racing thoughts and need to do something … anything! So, let it be, and I’m sure creativity will return when you’re good and ready! xxx


    1. Hello Ann, that’s my attitude too and actually helps me stay positive. Laziness can be good for mental health, who knew!
      Have a good week and hoping it’s a good one. xxx


  2. Anonymous says:

    Reading, basking in the sunshine, revelling in the beauty that surrounds you, eating well, quality TV, a little light mending and a splash of inspiration – sounds good to me!
    Like you, I’m always inspired by Grayson yet never act upon it. I haven’t drawn anything since O Level Art in 1983.
    Loving the background fabric behind your book!
    I need to get a wiggle on, I got up with morning with a heap of good intentions and then started reading blogs and am still not dressed! xxxx


    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one with the good intentions!
      Grayson is wonderful isnt he, I love his laugh and his attitude . Love his wife Philippa too.
      New week, new start…I’m off to strip the bed and get the washing done!
      Stay safe and have a good week xxx


  3. Hello Sally,
    Well I certainly missed when you got this gorgeous new site design. I think we all have a bit of problem with feeling like we don’t get as much done as we could. I find I spend a lot more time in the kitchen since we pretty much have taken going out to eat off our menu (take out once a week). And that takes time!
    I love your flower photos-I’ve been doing a ton of flower gardening, cleaning it up, transplanting and planting newbies. And Michael has red poppies like yours coming up in droves in the veggie garden! I’m jealous of both of you for having them. I need to work them into my garden next year.
    Take care and I know you are being careful and staying safe…..


    1. Or maybe I just can’t remember that you have this new design. That’s probably a pretty strong possibility 🙂


      1. Hi Terri, it’s good to hear from you. I’m glad you’re keeping safe.
        There are no restaurants open here (not that I’d go to one), we too had a takeaway though, for Philip’s birthday. There’s an excellent Indian restaurant in the village and they are still doing takeaways despite not being open.
        I’ve seen you over on IG, I must admit I’ve let blogging go over the last couple of years and only started up again, other than an occasional post, during lockdown. The site changed without my help, I like the update too but I can’t claim it as my own!
        Poppies are beautiful, I love cornflowers too, possibly one of my favourite flowers. They’re the perfect blue! I’m also in love with the Cantebury bells that are starting to flower. I love wild flowers, any flower too well bred is a no no 🙂
        Take care and keep well. xxx

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