A Peep Through the Keyhole

To date, I’ve lived in no fewer than 14 places that I’ve called home and they have varied enormously in size, age and characteristics but I’ve come to the conclusion that this one may be my favourite.

Built in the decade that both P and I were born, 1965 to be exact, it has retained a mid century feel and it’s this that I love. I imagine the builders listening to the Kinks or the Rolling Stones on a transistor radio as they worked. It’s detached and sits amongst houses from across the centuries, a mish mash with no two the same.

I’m no purist, I would hate my house to be a museum but people who visit often tell me it has a boho, 60’s feel to it. I love bright colours and big windows, it’s warm and cosy too. I’m going to share a few snippets of it just to give you a taste of what I love about this place that I have spent the last 5 weeks in almost exclusively!

Just inside and in the office, I’m wearing clothes to match my home. The waistcoat is from Beyond Retro in Brighton, a favourite haunt of mine and the skirt was an Ebay win.

Should a 1960’s house be considered a period home? I definitely think so, with it’s original hardwood open tread staircase and parquet floor, the hall represents the period it was built perfectly. I’m so glad neither were ripped out.

It’s no accident that I love Art glass, it complements my home perfectly. Here are just a few of the pieces of Art glass and other coloured glass that are found in my house.

It’s a full time job keeping them clean but I have plenty of time to do it at the moment!

I’m similarly attracted to ceramics, here’s a few..

Just visible in the top middle photo is a smudge stick, I recently completed a diploma in herbalism and plants and nature in general are a big part of my home, there are examples of it throughout, conkers, stones, seed heads. I’m writing this drinking a cup hot water, infused with cayenne, ginger, lemon and manuka honey, practising what I preach!

A few more photos just to set the scene of life in my house.

One of my guilty secrets is that I love to see people’s houses, how they express themselves, I pore over pictures on Pinterest and Instagram in the Guardian weekend supplements. I have books on interior decor, just to drool over the pictures. I’ve seen people transform unpromising apartments into sumptuous Aladdin’s caves. Houses that look like they hold no promise turned into jewels and all using the imagination of those living there.

I feel the same way about how people use clothes to express themselves. I love seeing how humans can use their imaginations to create something amazing and how people living totally different lives have this in common.

Hope you enjoy the peek inside my home. Keep safe.

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  1. Ann says:

    I too love seeing inside people’s houses, and what a treat it was having a peep at yours! My parents’ house was from the early 1960s and still had quite some of the original features when we sold it last year. If we’d had the money, Jos and I would have bought it ourselves! I love the natural light and the open thread staircase of yours, and it’s certainly the perfect backdrop for your wonderful collection of glass and ceramics! What a beautiful home you have, Sally. No wonder you love living there, and from the looks of it, so does Ziggy! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I loved your parents’ house, I remember the blog post you did about it. I love Dove Cottage too, you have made it such an expression of the way I imagine you are! I love reading about your home as much as the clothes that are also individually you. It’s always good to see Phoebe too I do love cats 🙂 xxx


  2. Vix says:

    I absolutely love your house, Sally! It reminds me of the incredible homes on some of my favourite Scandi-Noir series, light and airy interiors with dramatic features like that wonderful staircase and that cool black exterior with the contrasting wooden door.
    As a big fan of vintage art glass I love your collection. Your pottery is gorgeous, too. That dining set, your Dala horse and the brick fireplace are straight out of my Lundby doll’s houses.
    Lovely to see little Ziggy!
    Thanks for such an interesting post, your home truly reflects you! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love Scandi style too they epitomise mid century design don’t they.
      If you miniaturised us, we would look just lime your Lundby house, that must be why I loved those posts you did so much!
      I love Stonecroft too, it’s a beautiful house and wonderfully individual, it’s always good to see you and the lads! xxx


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