Week three in the lockdown house

Dearest fellow lockdowners, I’m just popping by to share a few of my activities from this week.

It’s Friday evening and we’ve completed another week in the house, it’s almost time for end of week wine and music, followed by a hearty veggie tempeh pasta. Just before I start here are some of the things we got up to over the past week.

Easter last weekend was marked by some egg decorating..

Which we followed with an egg hunt. With some dastardly difficult clues, it took most of the morning for them all to be located. My favourite is the pineapple!

Another week, another crochet project. This time a flower scarf.

Delicate enough for spring, it’s already been worn a few times on my daily walk.

Lots of escapes to the shed, making jewellery, listening to the radio and generally escaping to my happy place.

See how the radio takes pride of place on the shelf, I could, and do spend hours at a time in there thinking, planning dreaming and, erm, making.

Reading books, I’m eating them up, dipping in to some, being glued to others, I have one fiction at a time, I can’t manage more that that, and several non fiction. Here’s a sample of this week’s fare.

I can’t tell you how much positivity I’m getting from others sharing how they are spending this time when we’re all in our houses.

Also hearing all the Thursday evening support for the NHS, shouts, whoops, pots and pans, it’s heartwarming.

Have a good weekend, take care and keep sane!

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  1. Vix says:

    Lovely to see you, Sally! Those eggs are such fun. Loving the pretty crochet flowers and how cosy and inviting your shed looks. My radio – and in particular – 6music is my saviour. Did you hear Jarvis’s story about the history of tea yesterday? His voice makes me weak at the knees!
    What a great pile of books, let us know what you think of them , will you?
    Like you, I’m getting so much pleasure reading about how others are spending their time, blogging really has come into its own since lockdown, it’s like virtually popping round to ours mates’ houses for a catch-up!
    Take care, stay safe! xxx

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    1. I agree that blogs have taken on a whole new meaning as a virtual social life and are so important, I find myself really looking forward to reading them and I’m loving your lockdown diary
      Its always 6 Music for me too. I didn’t hear Jarvis talking about the history of tea but I do like him and Cerys is another favourite.
      I just finished the book of hidden things, the author is Italian but wrote it in English, it was an unusual but good read. The almanac is brilliant, travels with epicurus was a short read and got me thinking about how people spend their old age! The things you can see only when you slow down is written by a Buddhist monk, it’s a beautiful collection of tips for living, perfect for now and I’m dipping into it regularly. The rune book is also interesting, i like doing runes and it’s a different way of looking at them. xxx


  2. Ann says:

    Always a delight to see one of your posts pop up, Sally. Love the decorated eggs and yes, the pineapple is brilliant, as is the one to its left, which made me chuckle. The flower scarf is delightful. And how brilliant to have a happy place to retreat to. I’ve been enjoying my time at home much more than I anticipated, but some days are simply more productive than others. But I guess that’s OK. I love keeping up with my fellow bloggers and see how they keep themselves occupied. It’s good to connect with like-minded souls! Keep safe, Sally ! xxx

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    1. My productivity goes from one extreme to the other too. I don’t mind either, it’s good to relax too I reckon. That’s what I tell myself after I’ve whiled away an afternoon with a good book!
      I’m glad you’re enjoying your time at home, it’s taking some getting used to and I find avoiding the news is good but it’s nice to be cosy at home and we’re making the most of our permitted walks too
      The weather forecast is good next week, so hopefully more time in the garden is on the cards, hope it’s the same for you. xxx

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