Just a few musings

Autumn is here and it feels like the year has passed in a blur. Where has the time gone?

I’ve just been sitting looking through photo’s I’ve taken this year, bemoaning that once again I just haven’t taken enough of them – I’m hopeless at remembering and then regretting it and wishing I had more to look back at.

I haven’t been here in blog land for a while so I’m just going to scribble a few musings and some photo’s and see where it take me, then I may even press publish!

From a night of burlesque cabaret, to an afternoon in the museum, a sample of what we got up to over the last few months:

We’ve sampled comedy, Flo and Joan and The Guilty Feminist – no photo’s but both good.

Flo and Joan are excellent, we laughed all the way through their performance and I still watch them on Youtube when I need a laugh.

Music events too but the only ones I took a photo of this whole year was Christine and the Queens at All points East – and they were mostly out of focus! But I’ll share anyway, it was an excellent evening, it rained, poured down torrentially infact and everyone was so friendly.

A girl in front of me, seeing water dripping from my hair gave me a bag to put on my head! I love that feeling that sometimes happens when a crowd comes together, magic:

A few holidays; Amsterdam – wonderful, Toulouse – fantastic, Wales – Sunny!!, Glastonbury – My kinda place, Dorset – great scenery.

The photo’s are in the order above from top left going clockwise:

Brighton, a regular favourite:

A bank holiday getaway in Brian (the vintage van)

Just getting away for a bit, a change is as good as a rest, plus if it all goes sideways (which on occasion it definitely has in my experience) Its good to get home!

I kept a promise to myself and completed a diploma in herbalism which was both fascinating and useful and I’ve spent happy hours with the herbs in my garden. No camera evidence here either unfortunately. I have been elusive it seems.

I’ve also been trying out new jewellery techniques, two of my favourites have proved to be enamelling (such gorgeous colours) and ceramics (I love using them to create primitive style jewellery):

I still love crystals and gemstones, I’m especially into choker length at the moment:

Tiger’s Eye choker necklace

The fact that I have lots of jewellery pictures is directly linked to the need for photographs for the website and I reckon it’s inversely proportional to my camera action elsewhere.

I’ve been preserving garden produce; wine (Rhubarb and plum), making crab apple jelly and using the tomatillos we grew for the first time to make salsa verde- very tasty too.

Having signed up for the slow fashion clothes challenge, I bought no new clothes…and I still don’t need any. I’ve bought lots of new to me things, made some and adapted others…and appeared in barely a photo in all this time in any of my new attire! I found one or two but I’m wearing coats. You’ll have to take my word for it on this one.

I’ve just read over what I’ve written and realised that much of what I’ve thought about is the pursuit of happiness, pleasure in the everyday, the mundane even. so a theme has emerged from my random musings after all, how very spicy philosophy of me!!

Ps Note to self, remember to take more photo’s.

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  1. Hi Spicy Philosopher
    Nice to see you back. Thank you for your gentle account of your photoless year. Great this has inspired you to take more photos. Keep clicking.


    1. Thank you Julia. I often even get as far as thinking I must take a photo. I just need to turn thoughts into actions!
      I hope things are going well for you and your mum xxx


  2. Vix says:

    Oh Sally, it’s lovely to see you pop up in Bloglovin’! Much as I enjoy your IG posts and your gorgeous jewellery makes, nothing beats the background story.
    I don’t blame you for not posting frequently, you’re a busy woman. Can you believe that I’ve never been to Glastonbury other than the festival, ditto that Amsterdam and Toulouse! Sunny in Wales? Good heavens, that’s a turn up for the books!
    Brian’s looking rather snazzy and I’m loving the more rustic, organic creations, those earrings are fabulous.
    While I wouldn’t listen to Christine & The Queens I loved them when I saw them play live and she’s such an engaging woman. Isn’t it wonderful that festival spirit? It brings out the best in so many people.
    Now get that camera in your bag and get snapping! xxx


    1. It’s a shame people can’t have the festival spirit all the time, life would be so much pleasanter!
      I feel like I’m making stuff that feels like me now, I must be because I wear it all the time. It’s taken trying lots of things to find what’s right.
      I’m glad I finally sat down and wrote something but it’s been so long that there’s been lots of changes to the settings, it took me ages to work out how to do again! xxx


  3. Ann says:

    How lovely to see your post pop up in my reader! My, you’ve certainly had a busy year, even if there aren’t too many photographs to document it. I’ve been admiring your gorgeous jewellery on Instagram, and I’m especially enamoured by that wonderful pair of enamelled earrings on the left. Good to see you’ve been travelling quite a bit. I’ve been to both Amsterdam and Glastonbury (we have friends in nearby Wells) and to Wales, of course. Sunny in Wales, how peculiar 😉 xxx


    1. I’m loving enamelling, the colour mixing is spectacular as it melts and fuses. I’m glad you liked those earrings.
      I hadn’t been to Glastonbury before but I loved it. Not only was it wonderful weather in Wales, we had lovely weather in Amsterdam, someone who lives there told me that’s quite unusual too. It’s cold here today, time for wrapping up has arrived in earnest. At least it’s not raining though, I think we have very similar weather to you. xxx


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