Pimp my Pallets

Upcycling, reimagining, remaking are some of my favourite words. The challenge of taking something torn and broken and making something interesting or useful, sometimes both, is irresistible. To the point that I’ve even lain awake at night picturing how I could re make something.

Take the humble pallet, it has so many uses, it’s like trying to come up with as many uses for a brick as you can, the list is endless once you start.

The reason I love them is that they are a bit bashed about and industrial, which scores highly in my book. I love mixing rough industrial looks and textures, with beautiful objects and even with luxury fabrics, like brightly coloured velvet.

I’ve used pallets in many ways, below is a planter made for the garden.

Pallet planter for the tomato plants I grew last year

They make brilliant coat and jewellery racks, especially if they are teamed with forged iron hooks or even homemade ones from vintage cutlery would work.

Below is a shelf rack wall unit for my sewing books, embroidery hoops, string jar and bits and bobs. It’s well sanded and waxed and the finish has lots of texture and colour tones. It’s very sturdy and perfect for above my sewing machine, as it’s narrow and nothing can fall off it when I reach for something because they sit in it rather than on it.

My most recent pallet creations are the ones in my work shed. I have two nature shelves, where I put things found on walks in the country or by the coast.

I use these things as inspiration for the jewellery I make and I display necklaces on a pallet jewellery stand!

I must credit Philip for making all of these with me, he’s the one who does the making after following my (often) scribbled sketches, then I stain and wax them to get the finish I’ve imagined.

One good, natural homemade wood stain can be made by using coffee grounds, vinegar and steel wool. Put into a sealed jar overnight and it can be used next day. Tea also makes a nice natural stain. Then coconut oil is a nice finish. I like to play around with the finish. I usually build up slowly until I reach the depth of colour I want

I’m thinking of starting to use more colour. I like the worn, artfully flaked look! I have a pallet sitting in the garage just waiting for a new idea.

Have a good weekend.

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  1. Vix says:

    Well done to you and Philip, you’ve done a cracking job with those pallets! Your garden planter looks wonderful and the coat hooks and wall organiser are just lovely! I’ve used a similar recipe for staining lollipop sticks in my doll’s houses, it was really effective.
    We get loads dumped by us. We (ie., Jon) built raised veg beds and made a TV cabinet with some of them. I painted the TV cabinet with some kid’s blue poster paint I found in a charity shop. In the months since i did it it’s faded to a rather lovely pale blue, like something washed up on a beach. xxx


    1. Oooh I like the sound of the faded poster paint. Something washed up on a beach evokes wonderful images. You have the same attitude as me, I love it! xxx


  2. Ann says:

    You did a great job with those pallets, Sally! I especially love the shelf rack and the jewellery stands, which are very clever! Ha, and that’s exactly how things happen here:I come up with an idea, and then Jos does the actual making πŸ˜‰ xxx


    1. It works doesn’t it! In fact Philip always says just tell me exactly what you want and I’ll make it. He loves working with wood, it’s his creative outlet! xxx


  3. Such great ideas! I’m a maker but don’t think in wood. I especially like the necklace display piece.

    We have loads of pallets but use them to keep the hay off the barn floor-sort of utilitarian. I go through my reader every few days and must gave missed this last week-see you later in Instagram. XoXo-Terri


    1. I’m terrible with reader, I mean to check it daily but I never get round to it. I love reading blogs but never seem to be sitting down for long enough to properly catch up. I love using pallets, if I had loads, who knows what I would make!! See you on IG πŸ™‚ xxx

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