Inspired by Nature

My need to connect with nature seems to grow in proportion to the dire warnings we hear about the fate of our planet.

Vintage clothes, thrifting, upcycling, yep, I’m still doing those and I’ve seen some amazing things that other people are doing too.

I’ve discovered bags that I can keep reusing to buy my veggies in, and I’m doing my level best to avoid palm oil.

Best of all though, I’m having a great time learning how to get the most out of nature in new ways.

I’m using nature more and more in the jewellery I’m making, both by using plants and also natural crystals.

It’s wonderful to be able to walk the dog and pick up acorns, leaves and flower heads and then immortalise them in silver or bronze.

An acorn from my favourite oak tree
Oregano from my garden
This little grounsel, part of the daisy family and considered a weed, is said to represent health and healing

These pieces of jewellery were all made from precious metal clay. First I made a cast of the thing I wanted to reproduce, then after moulding it, I fired it in the kiln.

The wonderful thing about fine silver though, is that it can be fired with a butane torch, the kind you would use to make a creme brulee (I can’t find a way to add accents, apologies!) would do it. This burns away the organic clay particles, leaving pure silver. This means that it is possible to give this one a go, even without special equipment. To finish, polish and burnish and it really does appear like magic, beautiful 99.9% pure silver!

The same can’t be said of bronze clay, as this requires a two part firing, for the second, the pieces are buried in activated charcoal and the temperatures and length of time mean that a kiln is needed.

I like to use bronze clay to make tiny dioramas from nature, like this little forget me not plant:

My jewellery making has lead me to really think about plants in a new way, the more I find out about them and the natural properties they have, the more I love them!

Reading up on how to use plants for cosmetics and medicine

I love that I can make things that have only the ingredients that I’ve put there.

I made a batch of lip balm earlier this week and it’s lovely, very moisturising and it smells wonderful

This was a real winner with me and everyone I’ve forced to use it! Very easy to make in a bowl over a pan of water on the hob.

I’m becoming fascinated in herbalism too, so watch this space!!

It’s been a while since I swung by, so a big hello before I sign off and sending out wishes for a wonderful weekend to all.


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  1. Vix says:

    Your new jewellery creations are just gorgeous, those acorn earrings especially.
    I’m always trying to improve my eco footprint (long haul flights aside!!). I’m gradually replacing my toiletries with ones from Lush. You’ve inspired me to have a go at making some toiletries. I shall have to investigate further!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you VIX.
      I’m really getting in to homemade toiletries, I definitely recommend it xxx


  2. Ann says:

    Lovely to see you posting, Sally, and even better seeing your stunning jewellery creations. I love them all and I’m finding it impossible to choose a favourite. The acorn earrings are especially gorgeous (I love acorns) and how amazing that you’ve turned the common grounsel into a work of art! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you like them Ann. There’s something very satisfying about making jewellery from things found in nature. I have to ration myself! xxx


  3. Jodie says:

    That is just amazing that you use nature in those pieces, Sally. We even have a creme brulle torch, but I never thought it could be used for anything other than desserts!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should definitely give it a go, get that creme brulee torch in to action 🙂 xxx


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