Moonsilver and Me

It’s been a few months since I posted and after a few months of sorting stuff out I thought I’d drop in and say hello!


As a self confessed spicy philosopher, I do like to think about things! Sometimes the best thing you can do, I find, is unplug and be mindful and I’ve been doing a lot of that. That’s not all I’ve been up to though. I’ve been focusing on Moonsilver.

Moonsilver is the business that I started eleven years ago and back then I sold vintage. Mainly jewellery, glass and ceramics but other things too. For a while I stopped as I just didn’t have time with my day job but I always planned to get back to it.

Last year I opened an Etsy shop selling handmade and vintage. I love doing it and have spent the year working out what I like best. Now I mainly search out vintage brooches and make jewellery. I’ve been going to auctions and doing courses and reading lots of books.

This summer I decided to design a new website in addition to the one I have on Etsy. The reason for this is that I have become more and more interested in the beauty of crystals. I don’t mean diamonds and precious cut stones but rather raw stones and ones that have been tumbled to a polished finish. I really enjoy working with them, the colour and meanings attached to them fascinate me. It’s after holding them to work with that this interest has naturally developed. So from this has come Moonsilver Crystals . It’s still at an early stage but I’m learning so much.

I mentioned mindfulness at the start, I think staying in the moment has a lot to be said for it. Staying true to who you are and taking everything a day at a time.

I’m also on a quest to cut plastic use, so I’m the one you see weighing her onions without a bag and watching them roll all over the floor of the supermarket!

I’m still making, mending and buying second hand clothes, up cycling and playing with fabrics. It’s got to be good for the planet and there are those who are SO much better at this than me but if everyone was doing a bit the effect would be huge.

For fun there’s been live music, walking in nature, swimming, ta’i chi, reading, cinema, and just taking the road less travelled.

I’m off back to my little she studio now….


to get back to work!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lovely to see you pop up in my feed again, Sally! Your work space is gorgeous and I love all your wonderful jewellery finds & creations on Instagram.
    That’s me as well, waging war against all the plastic – and causing chaos in the supermarket!
    You & Ziggy are both looking fabulous! xxx


    1. Thank you Vix. I love being in the shed, it’s really cosy since I put a rug down and I listen to the radio or podcasts and end up out there for ages, completely forgetting the time. xxx


  2. Vix says:

    Whoops – I forgot to leave my name – hope the comment reached you. I’ll check back later! xxx


  3. Ann says:

    Good to see you again, Sally! I’m drooling over those vintage brooches, and love your crystal creations. What a lovely little studio you have! xxx


    1. Thank you Ann. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the little studio lately! xxx


  4. Lovely post Sally, and great to see you back. Gorgeous crystal jewellery. I love your efforts to recycle, upcycle and cut out unnecessary plastic use. Good idea to take some time for being and reading, renewing and consolidating just in time for Christmas. Will keep an eye on your new website. Julia x


    1. I tried to reply and it failed to publish, so this is a take 2!
      Thank you Julia, I’m enjoying making things, and yes I could do with some consolidating before Christmas!
      I hope things are going well with you. xx


  5. Jodie says:

    What a treat to see you here again. I love following along with your creations on Instgram. You ought to share your upcycled fashoins too. Especially for our thrifted challenge once a month on IG!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jodie.
      I must look out for the thrifted challenge, I am still getting to grips with Instagram, I’m not at all sure about tagging and so I tend to keep it really simple! I should learn though. xxx


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