Back to the 80’s and Smelling the roses

I woke up the other day and thought ‘I really want an 80’s shirt’. That sounds like something no one would ever say, a joke, even, but I did, bizarre!

In a moment of nostalgia I decided to hunt for a genuine article, something that would evoke a ‘girls just wanna have fun’ moment. It wasn’t easy and I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for but I came across this instead:

80’s shirt with pilgrim collar

It had shoulder pads the size of cushions (instantly snipped out) and it was decidedly yellowed with age (Even a wash with Dr Beckmann Glowwhite wasn’t enough and it needed to be soaked in hydrogen peroxide solution for a day to restore the whiteness).

I never wore shirts with pilgrim collars in the 80’s but there’s a first time for everything and it’s a beautiful cotton and cotton lace combination. So, to set the scene, I’m humming Tears for Fears – Pale Shelter, remember that? as I snap this selfie in the mirror. I’m rubbish at it, I dropped the phone before I got one I could use.

I wore it with an orange skirt similar in colour but different in material and style to one I acquired second hand this week:

I love the carnival colours, I am besotted! What is it about orange? It’s just such a happy colour.

The garden finally got my attention this last weekend. I weeded and chopped back and noticed that the seeds I had scattered a week ago had germinated and needed water, as did my tomato plants.

Best of all though are the roses.

Last year I planted a rambling rose on the stump of an old apple tree (I couldn’t bear to take it out).

I noticed for the first time that it’s covered in roses.

Roses seem to divide people. I have a friend who hates them, I love them though. I love to smell them and I love the wild and cultured ones.

My garden is full of climbers and the ones that make massive rose hips, that look so fabulous in the autumn.

And rose buds…perfection in plant form!


As ever, wishing you a good week.


Linked up with Terri Gardner’s Slow fashion 2nd loved 1st Friday linkup, over at Meadowtree Style

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  1. 925brands says:

    Superb! keep sharing, stay motivated…

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  2. Jodie says:

    That’s definitely not a thought that has come to my mind recently, but it did make me giggle, Sally!!! And soaking it in the hydrogen peroxide took out the yellowing?? I’d never heard that trick. Does it work for stains too? I usually use Oxyclean, but it’s not perfect!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The hydrogen peroxide was quite dilute but it worked well as a bleach, I expect it works in a similar way to the oxygen, which sounds like an oxygen based bleach? xxx


  3. Ann says:

    The 80’s vibe seems to be spreading like wildfire, as only last week, three of my blogging friends (Beate, Natalia and Tina) did their monthly cooperation, and the theme this time was the 80’s. You could have joined them in your pilgrim collared 80’s blouse! The skirt is absolutely divine, such cheerful colours, and yes, orange is indeed a happy colour. If I’m in doubt, I tend to add orange! Love the row of buttons at the hem. I’m notoriously bad at taking mirror selfies … xxx

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    1. I suppose it had to happen, the 80’s are true vintage now – makes me feel old!
      Have a lovely weekend. xxx


  4. Vix says:

    I love that skirt, it’s got a real South American vibe going down. Like you I never wore those Puritan collar blouses in the 1980s – like the other weirdos I refuse to wear white. Yours is perfect with the skirt. You did well to find it.
    Your garden looks fab, I love how you left that old tree to get covered in roses. I wouldn’t actively plant them in my garden although I’ve a few dog roses growing in odd places (and the tortoise loves to eat them!)
    Mirror selfies are my only option at the moment now the official blog photographer’s out of action. xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Vix, it looks a bit Peruvian doesn’t it.
      It was black all the way back then, I’m glad I’ve seen the light šŸ˜‰
      Fancy dog roses being a tortoise treat! I love tortoises, it must be lovely to have a pet that’s been with you for so long.
      Hope Jon’s better, have a lovely weekend. xxx


  5. I loved the 80’s and still have a bit of clothes from them. They did put shoulder pads in everything, didn’t they? It’s hard to believe t that shirt even had them. I can’t even imagine how it would look. I’m with Jodie, I’ve never heard of hydrogen peroxide being used to whiten.

    I agree about the Peruvian vibe with the skirt. As far as roses, we grew so many during the late 80’s and early 90’s; only old garden roses though. They have to smell intense. But over time, we lost them all. Michael brought one home this spring, called 4th of July of all things and its smells like cinnamon-strange but true!

    I’m talking to my retired teacher group about fashion tomorrow (Wednesday). I think I’m ready, so we’ll see how it goes. I turned the talk into a post for tomorrow. Thanks for linking up. Terri xox

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    1. A cinnamon smelling rose sounds divine. I agree an intense smell is a must to find a place in my garden too.
      Good luck with your talk today, I hope it goes well and look forward to reading about it. xxx


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