In the pink, floral inspiration

I saw these flowers…


I know they look a bit raggedy but the colours, wow, I love that combination.

It reminded me of a scrap of fabric I had that I’ve featured before, that became a skirt… that lasted until I decided to unpick it:

Loved the colour but not the style

I was fully intending to turn it into a cushion but couldn’t resist trying again with the skirt idea. I wanted to do the same thing i.e. up-cycle the top bit (it’s the smallest scrap of material, not enough for an entire skirt).

I was going to throw out some old and very worn gardening trousers and thought maybe I could use them for the top bit. I wanted to combine it with yellow after seeing how lovely it looked on those primulas.

So I’ve had another go:

It’s a similar style but with the black top and more gathering and the as yet to be attached yellow, it already looks better. I think some black broderie anglaise at the bottom for balance.

I can’t keep unpicking it so I hope it looks better this time, it’s a lovely piece of material and I don’t want to waste it.

Philip bought me this coaster the other day:


I saw it and it made me laugh out loud. That’s real wishful thinking. It’s on my desk, amusing me daily.
Also I had a coat exactly like that!


Have a lovely weekend.


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  1. The flower inspiration is wonderful-the color is amazing! I can’t see enough of your original idea to really know what to think of it. But The second idea is great. Adding the cotton lace and fringe-what a great way to meld the two pieces. Now, I would term this Boho. Is that how you see it? It’s just in time for 1st Friday too!

    The card Phillip got you is cute. Our youngest was always after us to get her a horse. But, I only gave her riding lessons from one of my high school students. We are still horse free. Once I did get the hair brain idea that I needed a Shetland Pony, you know to go with my Shetland sheep or something like that. My vet told me to just go outside and bang my head against a tree and that would be what it would be like to have a Shetland-cured me real fast!
    Take care Terri xox

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    1. Thanks Terri, I haven’t seen the yellow band on yet, so can’t wear it but could add the photo as it is.
      I never had a horse either, I’ve always been told that Shetland ponies can be very bad tempered, sweet as they might look. I’m happy with dogs! I love that you keep sheep and use their wool, of we had enough space the one thing I would love is a donkey, I’ve always loved the – I think you need two though for companionship?
      Have a good weekend xxx


      1. Apologies for all the typos, it’s my over eager auto correct!


  2. Ann says:

    There are quite a few varieties of these rather gaudy coloured primulas around, but I’m loving these bright pink and yellow ones in particular. Combining the pink part of the skirt with the top bit of the gardening trousers and adding the yellow broderie anglaise is a great idea. I’m looking forward to seeing you modelling the finished skirt! The coaster is brilliant and what a cute little girl you were! xxx

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    1. You’re right they are gaudy aren’t they! The pink and yellow really pops thought doesn’t it.
      I must get it finished and try it on, I hardly dare after my last attempt 😀 xxx


  3. Anonymous says:

    What a gorgeous primula. I love them.They really brighten up outside when everything else is so miserable. That is a gorgeous pink. Your skirt looks lovely and such a good idea to recycle your trousers. Black broderie anglaise will be fantastic with this. The yellow trim is just lovely too. That’s a great coaster. Know where you’re coming from with the pony. We can dream I suppose. 🙂 Xx


  4. Oh dear. I think that I lost my comment. Never mind. That primula is just gorgeous. I love the colour combination and they are so good at brightening up outside at this time of year when it is so dreary. Your skirt looks gorgeous with the colours and that zingy yellow trim. I love how you have recycled your old gardening trousers for the top and the black broderie anglaise will balance it beautifully. That’s a fab coaster and I echo the sentiment. We can dream! 🙂 Xx

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    1. I love anything bright at this time of year, today couldn’t be more dreary. The sky is thick grey cloud and it’s rained non stop all day.
      Yes it’s good to dream isn’t it, even if it is often a case of hope over experience ☺
      I hope you’ve had a good day, despite the weather. xxx


  5. Vix says:

    I love Primulas (the plant and the squirty cheese spread!) Your skirt is absolutely wonderful, the colour is glorious, just the antidote to our constant grey murk.
    Philip’s coaster is brilliant and you were such a cute baby! xxx

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    1. I haven’t had primula spread for years, I might need to get some now!
      Isn’t the weather dreadful, it’s like November here today, I’m craving some sunshine. xxx


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