Dare to be Different

Last weekend I went to see the musical ‘Everybody’s talking about Jamie’ at the Apollo theatre in Shaftesbury Avenue in London’s Soho.

Pinned to my notice board!

I had been looking forward to it for a while. I love humour mixed with triumph over adversity because it’s so uplifting. The story is based on the experiences of Jamie Campbell, a young man from County Durham whose youthful aspirations to be a drag queen were turned into a musical.

The play is set in Sheffield, think the type of adversity experienced by the Full Monty boys with the same dash of humour. It was brilliant. I LOVE people who dare to be different. We saw the understudy, Luke Bayer, perform Jamie New, the lead character and I’m so glad we did because he was excellent.

Before arriving at the theatre we headed to Brixton Village to eat. It’s undercover there and you can experience street food whilst not actually being out in the street. A bonus when the mercury is below zero and it’s snowing. I’m not good at grabbing my camera, I never think to get it out, good for living in the moment but bad for remembering it. I did photograph the cats (in the photo below) at a cafe though, they were going nowhere and looked so like they were waiting to be served that no one moved them on.


Needless to say we went elsewhere and had some wonderful vegetarian Mexican enchiladas.

Other than the weekend’s lovely interlude, the last few weeks we’ve been travelling all over the country, visiting relatives and organising things. Sadly, later this week that will involve a visit to Wales to attend the funerals of two elderly relatives who died within days of each other.

In between the visiting, I’ve been working on jewellery making and collecting more vintage pieces for my Etsy store (samples shown below). I’m so so glad I left my job when I did and started to do something I really enjoy. It’s also a good distraction when life goes a bit sideways!



I made something for myself too…


I used to have a sign hidden on a wall in a corner of the garden that said ‘if nothing goes right go left’. I loved the sentiment but it had faded to the point it could no longer be seen. So I found a few bits of copper pipe in the garage and together with shells and glass I made this to replace it. It felt right to use what was available to make this wall art/suncatcher instead of buying something new, I felt like I’d done what the sign told me to and gone left!

Wishing you a lovely week and lots of good things….and if nothing goes right, go left!





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  1. I heard about that musical o Radio 4. They had a program interviewing the writers and it sounded just brilliant. I am so glad that you enjoyed it. What a brave thing for the original Jamie to have done. The acts are lovely. I would have quite happily shared dinner with them too. Your jewellery is lovely and I really like your recycled garden ornament. It is lovely and I bet will look amazing with the sun through the glass. If we ever see then sun again that is. Hope you are having a great week. Xx

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    1. I think he was brave too, especially for someone so young. I admire his determination to be who he wants to be. I would have liked to have heard that radio interview.
      I’ve hung my recycled construction on the wall but haven’t been in the garden to enjoy it. It’s so cold still, roll on Spring.
      Hope you’re having a lovely week too xxx


  2. Ann says:

    That musical looks brilliant! I too love people who dare to be different, and have a sense of humour to boot! Sorry to hear that life has been going a bit sideways, and that such a sad occasion is taking you to my beloved Wales. I sometimes wish I had the guts to leave my job and do something different … Your wall hanging is absolutely brilliant! xxx

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    1. Yes, a sense of humour is a must!
      I always think of you now in relation to Wales. It is sad but they both had long lives so it’s a celebration of that too.
      I agonised for about 10 years before I left and even then only made the decision after a good push from Philip. I still need to earn money but I earn less and am much less stressed. Everyone noticed, I didn’t think it was obvious at the time! xxx


  3. Vix says:

    I’m so sorry to hear the sad news about the Welsh relatives.
    That cat cafe looks wonderful, the cats look so relaxed and happy with themselves. Ours would run a mile.
    Your dream catcher is absolutely gorgeous, what a lovely thing to look at and be inspired by. xxx

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    1. Those cats owned the place! They were moving for no one.
      I thought of you as I passed the Walsall turn off of the M6 on my way back from Wales!
      Have a good weekend xxx


  4. You have such a great eye for vintage. I love the pin that is third from left. What a wonderful hanging suclpture-to m , an aerial sea.

    I think Wales would be wonderful to go to but I’m sorry for the reason that you have to go. Now, to your musical. It sounds wonderful. The one thing that I’ve gotten away from are live stage productions that are not Operas. There’s just so much I guess…….but i would probably go see one about a drag queen. You know, the girls took me to my first drag queen show about two days before New Year’s Eve and I loved it! Unfortunately, that Joplin club was closing down and that was the last show they had and my favorite performer moved to Detroit. Oh well, there is a club in Kansas City that we are suppose to go next.

    But I will have to tell you that we are going to see Yo-Yo Ma Saturday night. I am so excited….sort of one of my bucket list things. Take care Sally, xox

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    1. Thanks Terri.
      Have you seen RuPaul’s Drag Race? I Iove it!
      We’re just back from Wales and I’m catching up but I’ve given myself a treat and, inspired by your comment I’m listening to Yo-Yo Ma on YouTube as I write this, he sounds sublime. Have a fantastic night tomorrow. xxx

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      1. Hi, Sally-RuPauls’s show has been on my list to watch but I always forget when it’s on. It looks fun. Last night was the concert and it was great. I managed to get to upgrade our tickets (our subscription tickets are in the nose bleed section) and we were in really great seats. Michael never got why I loved Yo-Yo Ma’s music to much;well, he gets it now and thinks it was one of the best concerts we’ve ever seen. I am so glad I finally got to see him. Have a great week, Terri xox

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      2. I’m glad it was so good and a real bonus to get an upgrade, it makes all the difference. I love your description – the nose bleed section- I know just what you mean 😀. Hope you have a great week too xxx

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