After so long in the red, I’m back in the black!

I’ve worn so much red this winter. I love it, it’s warm and mood boosting but I think it’s time for a change. I’ve been trying to step away from the red! When I was in my twenties, along with many of my generation, I owned few clothes that weren’t black. When I look back I think it was so drab, I love colour so why did I deny myself for so long?

Well it was easy for one thing, everything went with everything else. It also made a statement of sorts, I would hate to go back to it now but…..

I do like black, I love the way it can make colours and patterns pop. It also looks good with a lot of jewellery, which you really notice against the black.

I’ve found myself combining black with colour a lot lately. The dirndl style skirt below is a favourite, I love the way the bright colours stand out against the black background:

I’ve tried wearing it with brightly coloured tops and it just doesn’t look right, it needs black . 

One of my favourite cocktails contains; vodka, orange juice and campari. The bitterness of the campari offsets the sweetness of the orange perfectly and I think that black can make colour look more striking by adding a touch of inky drama to an otherwise carnival coloured outfit.

I love the way it enhances pattern too. In the new-to-me dress below, 

The Aztec style pattern really stands out against the black background . It wouldn’t work against any other colour. 

Embellishment looks good against black too, I couldn’t resist this brass embellished top I found on eBay:

So I’ve been rethinking my relationship with black clothes, after eschewing them for so long, they’ve finally found a place back in my wardrobe.

The national preoccupation with the weather has abated and the snow has all but gone. We had it here much less severely than a lot of places but it was nine below zero and worse at one point. 

Ziggy didn’t care though, he still wanted a walk and the sunset over the snow one evening last week was so utterly beautiful, that even though everyone may be sick to the teeth of snow photos, I still think this one is worth sharing…


Have a great week.


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  1. Ann says:

    I used to wear black almost exclusively too back in the 80s. Now, I hardly wear it, although I have to admit that I’ve got quite a few black dresses with colourful prints. You’re absolutely right: your black top really makes the colours in your floral skirt pop. Your new to me dress is stunning and looks amazing on you. We hardly had any snow (it lasted less than a day!) but it has been bitterly cold here last week. Have a lovely week, Sally! xxx

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    1. You liked the same music as I did too, we were obviously in the same tribe back then!!
      The weather this week is better, still cold but the snow has gone and the mercury has reached positive figures.
      I hope you’re having a good week too xxx


  2. Given my occupation during most of my life, black was my main go to color. Watercolor pretty much just became invisible and acrylic paint, well nothing will survive acrylic paint if you don’t get to it fast but black help up better then most colors. I guess that’s a long way around in saying that black never left me-ever. I wear it not a lot and I do think the fashion community wears way to much of it. When I go to a fashion show, over half is wearing some form of black-it seems to be a uniform.

    I wear it now because of one of your points; it makes other colors pop and its a very good canvas to start out on. If you are wearing something really terrific with black, the black fades into the background and peoples eyes will automatically be drawn to the light brighter object. I love your bohemian dress and top. Are the sleeves of the dress totally embroidered or is that a print? Whatever, it’s beautiful.

    Well, I’ve babbled to much-have a good end of week and weekend! xox

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  3. Black clothes have their place don’t they!
    I once had a gorgeous black crepe dress with long sleeves and the top of it and one sleeve were black beaded lace, it didn’t need any other colour. I don’t have it now and if I did it wouldn’t fit me anyway but I always remember it as a favourite, so I still have a fondness for the LBD.
    I hope your weekend’s a good one too. xxx


  4. Vix says:

    Yep, everything in my wardrobe was black from the age of 18. I was under the mistaken impression that wearing black advertised my indie credentials and set me apart from the townies , silly me.
    I do love a floral print on the black background – yours are fabulous, especially that slinky shift dress. Black and gold is the epitome of glam, isn’t it? That tunic is gorgeous. Black – in moderation – adds drama and edge.
    We had more snow today – fortunately it didn’t stick. Fab picture, though. xxx

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    1. That was me too. It was a bit silly but at the same time a sort of rite of passage. A fun time as I remember, despite all the black attire!
      It feels almost like spring today- I hope I’m not speaking too soon. xxx


  5. Jodie says:

    I’ve been trying to get away from black lately since it doesn’t look great on my complexion!! But the stores have everything in black so it’s not easy!! I cheat and add in a cardigan like you did in the first photo. And that embroidery takes all the focus and is super lovely!!
    Have a great weekend!!

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    1. Thanks Jodie and thank you for comnenting, I agree some colour is needed with black. I think it suited me better when I was younger!
      Hope you have a lovely weekend too,
      Sally xxx

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