From crochet to crocus

Back in December I read a post by Vix (here) The book she shared, Exotic styling, had some wonderful crochet that got me thinking. I’ve done lots of crochet but never clothes (unless you include scarves). Vix went on to make a lovely crocheted jacket from a blanket her mum had made. I had already started to collect pictures of ones I liked on Pinterest and so I decided to have a go.

This is what I finished making this week:


I didn’t need a pattern it’s just a lot of squares (42) and two half squares, sewn together, then finished around the sleeves and bottom with granny stitch and around the front and collar with triple crochet.

I started to lay out the squares (photo on left), until I had what looked like the right amount, then sewed them together and finished around the front (photo on right).

I’m wearing it today:


It cost me £4 to make, that was the cost of 4 balls of wool, the rest were scraps I had left. I used a 6mm crochet hook and double knitting wool.

I found some granny square jackets on Etsy and they cost up to £500, about £150 on average, I can understand why they are so expensive, because it took a long time to make by hand. I’m still pleased though that mine cost under a fiver.

The weather was gorgeous last weekend. So much so that when we took Ziggy for a walk we started to notice signs that Spring is round the corner. It reminded me of those I Spy books I had as a child. I started to photograph what we saw:

The crocus is the first I’ve seen.

It was quite warm too.

It lasted all weekend but although today has been dry, it’s cold again and yesterday was grey and raining and snow has been forecast again.

It was nice to have a break from winter though, even if it was too good to last!

I’m off to see the film The Shape of Water, so I’ll to sign off now. Have a good week.


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  1. Love this. I can do a single crochet and use it for the edging on some knitting, but that’s about it. We’re going to see a movie today too. It’s a toss up between Shape of Water and The Post. I think we will see The Post today and hope that Shape will still be around next week. As far as Spring, we have a few daffodil shoots starting to stick up but that’s about it; no Crocus blooming yet.

    You need to link this jacket to 2nd Loved because you used yarn you already had. I’m always putting Michelle’s stuff on there when she sews like that; plus it’s original and you did it, and you know how I feel about making things yourself. I’m pretty fast doing it and can do it if you want me to, but only if I have your permission. Create On! Terri

    P.S. I was nice to see Ziggy.

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    1. Thanks Terri, yes I think that’s a good idea. I love Michelle’s stuff, I didn’t realise she was a vet, her story was so interesting, how fantastic to have her own practice.
      We had a toss up between The Post and Three Billboards the other week, we ended up seeing Three Billboards- very good but still need to see The Post.
      We haven’t got daffodils yet, they’re still tight buds! xxx


  2. Vix says:

    Sally! What can i say? That jacket is absolute perfection – the colours are dazzling! I’m amassing granny squares like there’s no tomorrow _ I make three a night if I can – I need to find a tutorial to learn how to make them into something.
    Your signs are spring are lovely and it’s great to see dear Ziggy. I hope the weather they keep threatening us with for next week comes to nothing. I don’t want snow!
    Did you enjoy the Shape of Water? I adored Pan’s Labyrinth and The Devil’s Backbone but Hellboy left me cold. xxx

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    1. Thanks Vix, I wanted to make it in bright colours. There are lots of ideas on Pinterest, I’m a bit of a Pinterest junkie!
      I loved The Shape of Water, I would definitely recommend it, I think Sally Hawkins is an excelkent actor.I thought Pan’s Labyrinth was a wonderful film too. xxx


  3. Ann says:

    I’m loving the vibrant colours of your jacket and not only does it look good on you, it’s environmentally friendly too, as you’ve mostly used scraps of wool you already had. Seeing projects like yours make me wish I could crochet, but being forever strapped for time, I don’t even have the time to learn. Isn’t it lovely to already see signs of Spring? We’re having gloriously sunny but cold days, and even colder temperatures have been forecast for the next days but luckily no snow. Hope you are being spared of the worst! xxx

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    1. The good thing about granny square crochet is that since all the squares are individual you can do a square at a time when you have the time. Honestly it’s not that hard and there are some good youtube tutorials too.
      I spoke too soon! It was wonderful to see the sun but it’s back to winter here, it’s been freezing and grey today, I hope it’s better at your end. xxx


  4. What an absolutely amazing jacket. Your crochet is gorgeous and the colours are so lovely. You match that gorgeous crocus. Crochet is a mystery to me so I am quite envious of your fabulous skills. Hasn’t the weather been lovely, just so very cold. I really hope that we don’t get any snow tomorrow. I have been enjoying the sunshine so much. I hope that “The Shape of Water” was good. I am really looking forward to seeing it. Xx

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    1. Thank you very much!
      It’s bitterly cold today isn’t it. I’ve just driven home through a snowstorm, the sun was lovely while it lasted though.
      The Shape of Water was very good. I went to see Little Bird yesterday, after reading some good reviews, that was good too. You can tell it’s awards time when there’s so many good films doing the rounds. xxx


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