Red and Olive; a complementary collaboration

I’ve mentioned before how I find some blogs and bloggers inspirational. Reading these blogs is uplifting and brightens the day.

One such is Meadowtree style; a blog by Terri, who is an artist, teacher, and fashion blogger with an emphasis on slow, ethical fashion and individual style. She supports local designers and buys from charity shops as well as sewing, knitting and even spinning her own yarn.

I love to read her blogs, her ideas and outlook are always positive and her talent and support of others is inspirational and if that’s not enough she has poodles, so obviously I’m sold!

In addition to her blog, she shares her own style on her instagram account (terrigardner_meadowtree), together with a current project of a daily post, taken from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute’s Daily Dress Calendar 2018. It’s worth a visit; she has shared some beautiful costumes, shoes and accessories, together with some fascinating information and there’s still lots to come.

Back in December, Terri did a post entitled Red fit and flair

With my love of the colour red I was especially interested, she had created colour charts from ideas she found in a book that she had read and reviewed and I commented that I liked to use red and olive. Terri agreed that these complementary colours work well together and then went on to suggest that we do a collaborative blog using them.

The opportunity excited me and at the same time I started to wonder what I could put together. I furiously emptied drawers, cupboards and wardrobes, looking for anything and everything I have in these colours.

I found so much red and rather less olive. I had no idea I had so much red! 

Next, after some thought, I put together three outfits; Terri did the same and we compared notes by swapping photos. I really enjoyed it and I loved the emails we sent along the way.

Interestingly we both came up with a dress outfit, one with trousers and one inspired by literature/fantasy. This surprised us both, such a spooky same wavelength moment! 

So without further preamble, here they are:

The long and the Short of it


Terri’s style thoughts:

Before Sally and I discussed our collaboration, she shot me this photo of her dress.

Thinking about it for a bit, I realized I did have an olive green dress but it was really for spring. This was my maxi T-shirt dress from American Giant and I just needed to winterize it! My solution was a something I’ve used all season, which was just to throw my big red V-neck sweater over it. When I grabbed this oversized Gap sweater off the rack at Savers in early fall, I had no idea how much I would use it.

I like how the dress peeked through at the sweater’s neckline. It was a perfect style to wear my long Pendent by Georgina (part of her MCK line) again.

My Rebecca Minkoff suede boots finished the look off. It wasn’t cold enough the day Michael and I had our photo-shoot, but I have a pair of heavier leggings–three tones darker than the boots–if needed to keep my legs cozy.

I feel so comfy wearing this. I wore it while subbing for our school’s librarian last week. For me, it is just so easy to wear maxi dresses. I am going to use them more.

Sally’s Style Thoughts:

When Terri suggested our red/olive collaboration, I decided I wanted to try as far as possible to stick to just those two colours. So for my dress outfit I exchanged the long boots that would have been my natural choice, for these olive satin flats with gold ankle straps.

They perfectly match the cardigan I’m wearing, it was originally my daughter’s but I borrowed it and it has become a favourite. I love the long cuffs and big sleeves (the reason I’m standing hands on hips is so you can see them!)

The dress is short but with the very thick (100 denier) red tights it’s also nice and warm.

The long necklace is a vintage 40’s one, made from foiled strung beads and given to me years ago by my aunt, who sold antiques. The shorter one is a chain of rose quartz with an amethyst pendant, a gift from my daughter.

I liked this outfit so much; I wore it for the rest of the day…with the long boots.

Aladdin Sane to a Damsel in distressVEST


Terri’s style thoughts:

I knew I wanted to use my long green Ultrasuede vest for this collaboration. Found in a super clearance deal at Chico’s, I loved the cut, color and texture of it. Yet in the back of my mind, I thought it might be somewhat difficult to style. After a few failed attempts, I knew my hunch was right.

After getting everything on, I peeked into the mirror and was taken aback. It looked like a hybrid between Sherwood Forest and Game of Thrones! I wondered if I should change something because Sally was going to be shocked. Then she told me the next day that she had one that reminded her of Aladdin. I wasn’t worried after that. We both had a myth-literature thing going with our inspirations.

If I change out the shoes, there’s less drama. They are by Modern Vice and are made in the USA (New York City) and I usually wear them with jeans. I just like their swagger (those studs!).

Again, I used my red V-Neck sweater and threw in a red plaid scarf for good measure. My scarf is from some fabric that I remember my mother having for years (even when I was a kid). Occasionally, I’ve done a few things with it and had just a bit left. I cut as large of a square as I could and just fringed the edges, a no sew project.

These brown jeggings have been on here a lot this year because they have been handy. I’ve even used them twice today.

This vest may see the light of day in another post because it’s a challenge and that makes me want to really see what I can do.

Sally’s style thoughts:

I love the fact that Terri and I both thought of doing a fun outfit, a bit fancy dress. When I saw her Game of Thrones meets Sherwood Forest one, I loved it, especially the shoes.

I had decided to do a take on Aladdin; with big Palazzo style trousers in heavy jersey with a top layer in translucent crepe, joined at the bottom seam. I especially like the colour of these trousers, which is a rich cranberry red.

The olive coloured top is a second-hand find in a crossover style. It’s far too summery for this time of year but perfect for the summer.

The necklace is in a matching colour and is muti-stranded, wood and resin.

The shoes are suede flats and they match the trousers almost exactly.


You Say Jumper and I say Sweater but a Cardi Is Still a Cardi:


Terri’s style thoughts:

I came up with this header when Sally sent me her photo in a long red cardigan. I chose to use a very long sweater (or jumper). I shot back a question, “Is a cardi still a cardi?” Sally said yes and a title was born!

Earlier this year, I was shopping with daughter Rachelle at Goodwill and picked up this sweater that caught my eye. She took a look and immediately said it was frumpy. Hmm….frumpy? I thought it had possibilities. I put it in the cart. While she was trying on some things, I found this red linen J-Jill blouse and just threw it in the cart too, without even trying it on and before she could say frumpy again.

When I got home and started putting things with the sweater, I had to agree just a little with her. But, I decided that if gathered it a bit up on each side, things just might get better. You can’t quite see the gathering in this photo, but I like the end results. The sweater has a nice wide neck that lets a lot of that red linen show. Again, I am using my brown jeggings.

I repeated my Rebecca Minkoff suede boots and my long Pendent by Georgina from the dress styling.

Sally’s style thoughts:

When Terri asked if we use the term cardi in the UK, I wondered why but it makes sense now. We both went long on this one!

Possibly my favourite outfit, I love mixing up masculine and feminine. Biker boots and floral dresses are the perfect team in my book.

So I’ve adapted the idea here, wearing patent red kitten heels and a long frilled, red cardigan with olive cargo pants and vest.

The big wooden beads strung on a leather thong are 80’s originals and they are simple and not too feminine for the look.

Three looks, lots of olive and red and a fun collaboration. I’m glad I took the opportunity Terri suggested, I’ve really enjoyed it.

To see what Terri has to say, visit her here

Before I go I would like to share one last post of Terri’s, this is a scarf made from yarn that she spun herself, using angora from her own rabbit… I did say she’s talented!

Have a great week.





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  1. Whoo-Hooooo and we have lift off and I’ve already linked mine to Patty’s Linkup!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was so much fun! I wish we lived closer and could go out to the pub to celebrate! Cheers to us! Clink-Clink!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes, that would be great wouldn’t it. You need to plan a visit, there’s a pub in the village! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Vix says:

    What a wonderful idea for a post, Sally! Both you and Terri look wonderful in your olive and red outfits – a colour combination I’d never have considered but something that works fabulously well together.
    How amazing are your legs? I love the flirty dress, opaques tights and oversized cardi especially, it reminds me of how I dressed as a student (only in boring black)! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Vix. It was great fun and I’ll be wearing more of that colour combination.
      What was it with black? me too back then. The only benefit I see now is that colours never ran in the wash! xxx


  5. Ann says:

    What a great post, Sally, and you’ll never believe this but by coincidence another blogger and me have a similar post coming up, although it’s only based around one outfit! I never thought to put olive and red together, but they work really well together. You’re looking fab in that mini! I’m loving those cranberry Palazzo style trousers and the long, floaty cardigan! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m looking forward to seeing your post, it’s a fun thing to do isn’t it?
      Cranberry is a gorgeous colour, I think I may have too much red in my wardrobe though, it has to stop or it will end up being as bad as the black back when I was a student! xxx


  6. Wow Sally, you both look fabulous in your outfits. They are all so different, even in the same colours. I like the layering that you both did and the really fabulous shoes. I wouldn’t have put red and olive together either but they are a perfect combination. Terri’s blog is lovely. Spinning your own yarn from you own rabbit, that is dedication to your craft! 🙂 Thank you for sharing such a great idea and outfits. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is a great blog isn’t it, I think Terri is very talented. I think that you are too, your sewing is amazing.
      I love those colours together and seeing us both in the same combination emphasises it, it was really good fun. xxx


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