Brightening up the grey days of January – part 2


It’s the fourth week of January and until now we’ve had no more than around six hours of sunshine (although today is making a liar out of me, it started damp and grey but the sun has come out, it’s so good I feel like running down the street with my face to the sky).

Anyway the general lack of sunshine has meant that a lot of my relaxation time has been spent inside and it’s given me the opportunity to get on with a few creative projects. All of which have been designed to be colourful to compensate for the weather.

At the end of my last post I mentioned some candlesticks I wanted to upcycle; the before picture below shows them as they were at the start, after just a light rub down.


I wanted them to look light but slightly gothic and so I used cream and deep plum colours:

I added some beading on copper wires.


I can finally use them again! They look good as a table dressing, in the evening when the lights are turned down

I’ve also been doing some crochet, I have throws, bags, scarfs and I often use it to decorate with or add an edging, this time though I might turn it into a jacket.


Finally, the last dose of colour therapy I’m sharing in this post is a bag I’ve just finished. I enjoyed making this so much. I spent a very relaxing afternoon listening to a radio play whilst embroidering the felt mandalas.


The colours made me think of the woodland greens of spring and summer.

Both sides are embroidered but I’ve only shown one here.

It’s amazing how cheering it is to work with warm colours when outside everything is grey and inside it hasn’t really felt light all day.

Today though it’s lovely and bright. Lets hope it stays that way all week!

Have a good one whatever you are up to.




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  1. Ann says:

    Not much sunshine here either, although we did have a sunny day last Sunday, and yesterday it was sunny until about 2 pm. Trying to brighten up the grey days is all we can do, really, and I am loving your efforts. The upcycled candlesticks are fantastic, especially with the addition of the beads on copper wires. The bag with the felted mandalas is fabulous! Hope you’ll get to see a bit more of the sun this week, Sally! xxx

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    1. Thanks Ann. Seeing a bit of sunshine today was wonderful, it’s felt so dark lately.
      I’ve just started using felt recently and I love it!
      Hope the sun’s shining where you are too. xxx


  2. What beautiful candlesticks. The beads are just lovely. I bet that they give gorgeous little splashes of colour when the candles are lit. Your crochet is fantastic and would look amazing as a jacket. I bet that it would be warm as anything. You are so creative, that bag is absolutely lovely too and such lovely colours. I know what you mean about the weather. Hasn’t it been grim? I drove over to Aylesbury last night and got stuck because the roads were flooded. Here’s hoping for better weather soon. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Kelly, I debated throwing the candlesticks away but I’m glad I didn’t.
      I’m really pleased you like the bag, I loved making it.
      I hope you weren’t stuck for too long on your drive, it’s so horrible being stuck in the car, not at all comfortable. The weather’s been awful hasn’t it? It was snowing here yesterday, no floods but loads of big puddles in the road. xxx


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