Where did that week go?


I’ve kept meaning to write but time has passed me by. I’ve just had supper and I’m determined to write something before I relax for the evening. I love sitting down and doing this and I need to stop prevaricating!

One excuse is the length of the day (I know it’s still 24 hours, so it sounds a very poor excuse, a sort of ‘the dog ate my homework’ kind).

This is the sunset here in Cambridge at 3.30 this afternoon:


We’ve had some snow too, it’s good enough to stop the trains…. no excuse for my laziness though.

Ziggy loved it and the view from the window looked like a Christmas card and since it’s December that’s a good enough excuse to share:


It’s all gone now, it’s still very cold though. I had to drop the car at the garage when a warning light came on today, then walk home. I was definitely not dressed for the walk brrr. I really appreciated the cup of tea I had when I finally got home with numb fingers and toes.

It’s been a mulled wine/prosecco fueled week, no photo’s to share, my friends may not forgive me!

I’ve also finished the first part of my silversmithing course.

The final two pieces I made:

A first for me. I’ve never worn a ring on my index finger before, so I thought I would make one just to see how it felt and I like it. Although it makes me want to point!!

A couple of months ago I upcycled a red knitted waistcoat with a bit of crotchet and tassels, I mentioned it in one of my posts. It’s become a bit of a favourite. It’s very comfortable and fits perfectly:

IMG_20171215_1502027 (1)

It’s also red, which has been my go to colour this winter. Speaking of which, a friend gave me this gorgeous red felted wool bag as a gift the other day:


She said she saw it and thought of me!

She doesn’t blog and may never see this but I love it so much that I wanted to show it to say thank you. She clearly knows what I like.

And on that note, having finished this short post, I’m off to curl up on the sofa and see what’s on telly now.

Have a lovely week and a good Christmas.



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  1. Vix says:

    Lovely snow photos – it was pretty for a while but I’m glad we’re back to normal now. Ziggy looks like he had a blast.
    Your waistcoat is gorgeous, no wonder it’s become a favourite. How cute is that bag? Very! Your friend obviously knows you very well indeed.
    Love your jewellery, the turquoise necklace is fab. xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Vix. I’ve never worn turquoise before, I tend to go for my birthstone, moonstone, or for garnet. I love the colour though, so I thought I’d give it a try for a change.
      It was hard getting Ziggy inside again! He loved it. xxx


  2. Ann says:

    That sunset looks gorgeous and I’m loving your snow photos too! We had so much less snow, but traffic was still at a standstill. That necklace you made is looking absolutely fabulous. And how cute is that red felted bag! Wishing you a lovely week and a wonderful Christmas too! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was sitting in a traffic jam when I took that photo. You can sit in queues for a long time in Cambridge and it’s even worse at this time of year. There’s no snow left so we don’t have that excuse!
      I hope you have a wonderful Christmas too xxx


  3. Your sunset photo is lovely, as are the snow ones. Wasn’t it deep? I was reassured by everyone at work that snow didn’t really happen down south. Bah, humbug! It is still freezing. Ziggy looks like he is having fun. What a cutie. Your jewellery is gorgeous and how brilliant that you actually made it. Looks very hard. What a kind friend as that bag is really nice. I like the silver button and it goes with your lovely necklace. Prosecco and mulled wine sound like a very good idea. Hope that you have a lovely festive season and all the very best for 2018. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, I remember my first winter in Newcastle, it was so cold the diesel froze and the buses stopped running. You don’t expect that down here though do you, it was nice for the first few minutes!
      I’ve quite enjoyed the silver course, I’ve practised a lot of soldering!
      Wishing you a lovely Christmas too and a great 2018. xxx


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