The Joy of Small Things

I’m channelling Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. When she sings about her favourite things. So this is the backdrop to this post.

Just to help your recall, should you have forgotten said song;

When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling sad,
I simply remember my favorite things and then I don’t feel so bad.

In lieu of  raindrops on roses,  whiskers on kittens or even brown paper packages tied up with strings, I find it is a very helpful way to deal with the ups and downs and keep on an even keel.

After a bout of depression over a decade ago, I really wanted to help myself not to need the SSRI’s I’d been prescribed again once I’d got over it.

I decided change was in order. I eventually left a job that didn’t suit me and I changed how I looked at things.

Just lately, some things have been quite difficult and I have so far avoided returning to the gloom of depression, by slowing down and taking pleasure in small things.

To start with;


Red shoes! Patent red shoes no less. I don’t know what it is about red shoes but they never fail to make me smile!

Then there’s nature. I always feel so uplifted by it, this week I’ve had a woodpecker  visiting my lawn (which means it’s probably got a major grub problem but who cares when its such a joy to see this regular visitor).


Then there’s the frosty, sunny starts to the day, these photos taken just this morning;

The rays of light from the sun looked spectacular.

Another unexpected, small pleasure this week, came as I was browsing the Guardian magazine on Saturday, when I came upon this article and photo;


I love Whitby and the photo at the top of the article is virtually identical to a painting that was done for me by a person very dear to me;


It made me so happy to see it and think about all the lovely times I’ve spent there, I found myself holding the photo next to my painting to compare them.

I love that part of the world and hailing as I do from the North East it made me think of friends and family too.

I’ve talked before about how I avoid the commercialism and madness that is Christmas. The spirit of joy that appears as grim faced, plastic bag toting shoppers on a mission to spend no matter what it takes.

Well, I’m embracing it myself this year. No, not in the shops but I’ve put up a tree. A very old fake tree from the garage and lots of old decorations. Some of them over thirty years old. I’ve covered it in lights and it looks so cheery and bright that I’m including it in my list.

Here it is;


and what’s more, I’ve put a few more decorations out and some fresh flowers too;

I’m liking the orangeness of it!

Finally, there’s my hat, it’s rained and snowed over the last week but in this hat I’ve stayed free of the frizz that is my hair when it gets wet, result!


The coat I’m wearing is 27 years old and the gorgeous squashy leather tote was a gift.

And with that, I’m off for some lunch.

Wishing you a week of joys both small and big.



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  1. I just read your post and I’m glad you found ways not to get into a downturn. Sometimes, I can get a little that way but usually know what brings it on. As far as Christmas, You are one up on me. I am terrible about getting the Christmas Tree up and so far, it’s still in storage. Your coat looks amazing! I have a thrifted one (hauled it back all the way from Florida) that looks almost just like it. I need to do a copy cat style and put it on Instagram.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That coat has always been a favourite, it’s lovely and warm too.
      I’ve just started on Instagram with my etsy shop, I will look out for you, I’d be interested to see how you style it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I saw that. I’ve already been there and looked around.

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  2. Ann says:

    So far I have been spared of depression, although I do get down in the dumps from time to time. So glad you’ve found your way again. I am a firm believer in taking pleasure in small things. I’m with you on the joy red shoes and nature can bring. I love your Whitby painting: the colours are stunning. Oh, and although I’m not really a Christmas person, I do put up a tree, although now’s a little early for me. I did put up the office tree today, as tomorrow my colleague, who’s been suffering from depression, will be back. I know she loves Christmas. Have a lovely week and keep enjoying the small things Sally! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That was very kind of you, your colleague will really appreciate it.
      I am a bit early with the tree aren’t I! It does look nice though.
      It’s amazing how much better the small things in life can make us feel isn’t it. I’m very into mindfulness too. I find it grounding and good for the mood.


  3. Sorry to hear that life is being a bit glum. Your painting is gorgeous. Whitby is a very special, magical place and I have never ever had a bad time there. I used to go a fair bit when I lived further north and would to love to live there, probably along with about half of the UK, if I could. I do like that coastline. Apart from the odd bit it is nice all the way up to Edinburgh, especially in the North East.
    Your shoes really are fabulous. I don’t think anyone could ever be sad wearing such glorious things. 🙂 We really should appreciate all the small things. You look great in your outfit. Nice & toasty. I avoid Christmas too, I hate it really, but your tree is really lovely. Xx

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    1. Thank you, I love the painting and I’ll pass on your compliments to the painter.
      Whitby is magical isn’t it. I always promise myself I’ll go to the goth weekend but I never have yet.
      I could easily live there too, it’s a beautiful coastline.
      Those shoes are very dress up aren’t they!


      1. I have been to the Goth Weekend. More than once. I even got interviewed by the BBC about what is was like to be a goth. That was a very long time ago. 🙂 Your shoes are fab. Too good to keep for just dressing up though. Xx

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      2. I bet you like the same sort of music as me!
        I’d love to see you in your goth days. I still have a soft spot for that style.
        Fancy being interviewed. I’d love to go.


  4. Vix says:

    You dealt with your depression the same way as me, by changing your life rather than numbing the sensation with pills. I’m sorry you can feel the black dog creeping up on you.
    I loathe Xmas with a passion – I’ve just had to pop into town and took a shortcut through M&S. Everyone is so rude, walking out without looking, standing in the most stupid places texting like morons, huffing and puffing. That being said your tree is lovely, proper traditional.
    Nobody can be sad for long with red shoes and you look uber chic and stylish in your outfit, from head to toe!
    I’ve never been to Whitby but I’d love to go. The painting is fab! xxx

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  5. There’s just no excuse for being rude is there. I love stepping out of the consumer trap, it’s very freeing isn’t it. I find taking the slow lane does make me happier.
    Whitby is lovely, well worth a visit if you get the chance.
    Have a lovely birthday tomorrow. xxx


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