Kitchen/Garden toiletries

Back in 1995 I was given this book:


and I’ve consulted it regularly over the years.

I’ve bought so many cosmetic products that haven’t lived up to expectations and that ended up in the bin. Surprisingly though, there are some that I’ve made that have been better than anything I’ve been able to find down the toiletries aisle.

I’ve got a few favourites that I thought I’d share.

Two ingredients in the book have become favourites for haircare; sage and rosemary. The first time I ever encountered these two herbs used for hair were in the pages below:

Sage improves texture and darkens grey and rosemary stimulates hair growth.

I take a big handful of each:

and as they grow all year round, I can do this throughout year. I took these photos today and they’re growing very healthily.

I put them in a pan, cover with about a litre of water, bring to the boil and simmer for about 20 minutes. I probably look like a wise woman of old (or witch), leaning over my cauldron. It smells very herbal.

Then I store it in the fridge in bottles and use it as a rinse.

I love it and really recommend it, my absolute favourite ever though, is coconut oil. It has lots of uses but the two things I love it for are; as a mouthwash and as a hair conditioner.

Rinsed round the mouth it helps strengthen the gums, prevent cavities and even whiten teeth. It’s called ‘oil pulling’. It tastes nice and has no harsh chemicals.

As a hair conditioner, there’s nothing I’ve ever come across that works better. It is supposed to reverse grey hair due to the antioxidants it contains and it helps hair stay really healthy looking.

I add lemon juice but it’s just as good without.

I did it this today and left it on for a couple of hours before washing off.

See below and please excuse the gym kit, I’d just got back from Tai chi. It’s the reverse of being at school and forgetting your P.E. kit!

Spot the selfies.

I heat the solid coconut oil until it melts, it doesn’t take much, it melts at about warm room temperature (24 degrees). I only use a heaped teaspoon. Then I add some lemon and basically make salad dressing by whipping it with a fork. As I said though, the lemon juice isn’t necessary, I just add it as a natural lightener.

I make sure I really massage it in well, then clip my hair up and walk round for a couple of hours looking like Popeye’s girlfriend (Olive Oyl). I might look greasy but I smell gorgeous!

It washes out quite easily and leaves no residue.

Give me these natural, homemade products any day over some of the horrible synthetic rubbish I’ve tried. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t given up on bought products and some are good but nothing beats making your own and finding it works.

Have a lovely weekend.




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  1. This is a great post. I have rosemary and sage out in the garden so will give this a go. I bought a good book on natural products from Amazon and it recommended Horsetail for hair, probably for the same reasons. It works quite well too. I love the smell of coconut oil. It is fab for your skin too and leaves it soft without being sticky or greasy. Your sage looks very healthy. Mine always die and I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. 🙂 Xx

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    1. I’ve never heard of using horsetail, I’ve just looked it up and it looks like it’s useful. I love hearing of things I’ve never come across before, thank you for the info.
      Every time my sage looks like it’s going to give up I hack it back ruthlessly, it’s worked so far!
      I love the smell of coconut too, it’s wonderful 🙂 xxx


  2. Ann says:

    I’ve heard both sage and rosemary recommended for hair care, but never thought to make a rinse myself. Any tip to improve my menopausal hair is welcome, so I might well give it a try some time. I’d have to go out and buy the ingredients though, as neither is growing in Dove Cottage’s garden. As I love the smell of coconut, I love the idea of using coconut oil as a hair conditioner too. Thanks for the tips, Sally! xxx

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    1. I know what you mean Ann, I’m constantly trying to keep my hair in good condition, it’s not as easy as it once was.
      I even like the taste of coconut oil! So it’s a great mouthwash. xxx


  3. What I would give to have Sage and Rosemary grow around here year round; winter kills them off. We do bring a pot of Rosemary in but that just enough for cooking. Michelle and i would make some home herbal and flower products when she was in high school (the 90’s) and I remember it being fun. I don’t have your particular book but have others like it but haven’t read them in years. Great post.

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  4. We have quite low temperatures some years but they’ve always survived so far.
    I love making herbal products too, there’s something so pleasingly natural about it isn’t there. xxx


  5. Vix says:

    Those are great tips. Rosemary and sage grow like weeds in our garden so I’ll definitely give that a try.
    Coconut oil is stupid cheap in India, it’s sold as liquid but if I buy any to bring back home when I get it out of my bag its solidified. Interesting about using it as a mouthwash – I’d heard the expression “oil pulling” but wasn’t sure what it meant.
    I know what you mean about buying products and being disappointed with them. Once I’ve found something that works I tend to stick with it. That being said I’ve bought a new moisturiser after over twenty years of using the same one! xxx

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    1. I like using it as a mouthwash because it hasn’t got alcohol in so doesn’t leave your mouth feeling dry.
      Ive changed moisturisers a few times too, it’s the one thing I spend a bit more on, not like creme de mer money but something half decent, I’m not brand loyal so it changes all the time. I think of my skin like an old pair of shoes that polish improves 😀 xxx


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