Upcycled and Thrifted Winter Wardrobe


Last year I decided to try to buy no clothes over winter and to upcycle and use my fabric stash to make as many things as possible. I wanted to see if I would feel I was missing out and to see if I could make being sustainable fun. I found that I really enjoyed it and found it a very relaxing way to spend my spare time. It’s a time of year where the weather and short days mean more time inside and I found it a real pleasure to have some projects on the go.

This year I hope to continue with the upcycling but I would like some new things too. I’ve decided that as far as possible I will find second hand things to upcycle and make my own. Then there’s always the things I just like the look of that need nothing more than a wash.

This week I did both, I upcycled a jacket and splashed out a whole £20 on some new-to-me things.

The jacket:


had hung in a wardrobe for a lot of years, it must have been worn two or three times at most. I didn’t like it, not only was it boring to look at, it also had a scratchy collar.

I have always thought that something could be done with it but couldn’t decide what.

Then last week I made a velvet evening bag (mentioned in my last post), I completed it this week:


and it crossed my mind that I could add a velvet collar to that jacket, so it would no longer be scratchy and then I could embellish it to make it a little less plain:


By this time, I was getting into the embellishing and I didn’t want to stop; so after adding new buttons, I decided to make some felt ‘buttons’ to put down the front:


I then added some blanket stitch to the pockets and buttonhole stitch to the buttonholes and it was finished:

I think I might actually wear it now.

Next up, here’s what I got with that £20 I spent:

The leather bag is in excellent condition, the fringed knitted jacket is a perfect fit (lucky because I didn’t try it on in the charity shop, I usually take pot luck!) and the skirt is ankle length and a perfect fit, which was just as I’d hoped.

Considering how far £20 would get me in consumer land I was very happy with what I found:

I went to the dentist this week after a tooth cracked and she told me I need a crown, the cost is just short of £500, just as well I spend so little on my wardrobe!

Have a great weekend.


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  1. I love what you did to the jacket. This is such an inspiration. I’m on a four month no buy myself. Or, at least I am giving myself just a $25 monthly allowance for four months, in case I need something unplanned. This does not include sewing supplies. Your 2nd Loved trio are such wise choices. We just got back from the Grand Canyon and your post was the first I read coming back and it will put me in the right mind frame to get back to my projects. Take care, Terri

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you had a good holiday. What a great place to have been.
      I love the sound of your challenge and look forward to hearing more about it. xxx


  2. Your changes have really made your jacket into something wonderful. I love the buttons and the embroidery. The velvet collar is gorgeous. What lucky charity shopping, that bag looks like a complete steal and cardigans are just so useful for this time of year. Yours is very lovely. The colours are really Autumnal and you really suit it. I love the skirt. gorgeous colours. Necessity is forcing me to sew new clothes and to be honest I am really glad to be finally using up some of my stash. I have just cut out a blouse and realised that I have had the fabric for about 15 years. I will be following your wardrobe upcycle with interest. Xx

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    1. Thank you, I was really pleased to find so many nice things.
      I have half finished sewing in my fabric stash too! You are very skilled with a needle, I’d love to see what you make. xxx


  3. Vix says:

    I love what you’ve done to that jacket – it’s far more you, now!
    What a gaggle of bargains you scored! The cardi is fantastic on you and I don’t think I could have resisted the bag and skirt either. Lots of lovely colour to see you through winter.
    Sorry to hear about your dental woes – ouch! xxx

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    1. Thank you, I actually wore the jacket today so it’s worked.
      I was so pleased to score a trio of bargains in one go and they all fit too!
      The dentist must love to see me!! xxx


  4. Ann says:

    I love how you transformed the jacket, it’s so cheerful now, and suits you very well. I also love the finished evening bag! You did very well finding those lovely things for just £ 20. That fringed jacket/cardigan is a cracker! Sorry to hear about your cracked tooth. Aren’t these things horrible expensive? xxx

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  5. We need lots of colour now don’t we, it’s been so cold today with heavy frost. It’s nice to brighten things up a bit I must say I look forward to your posts for an injection of vibrancy and am never disappointed!
    I couldn’t believe the cost of a crown, I could have a holiday for the price!xxx


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