Stuck like glue

This is a short-ish post about glue. It does what it says on the tube!

I’ve had many a problem finding the right glue for a job and there are so many out there. I have shelves in the garage, hanging with cobwebs, on which sit half empty, dried out and now useless glues. I’ve bought glues that would only stick my fingers together when I used them.

I’ve spent what felt like hours staring at the shelves of glues on display in hardware stores, debating which to use. Buying several and none really doing the job. And don’t get me started on superglue…

Then I found this:


It’s described as industrial strength glue and so far it’s stuck everything I’ve used it for.

This week I mended a long abandoned vintage brooch. It had lost a piece of glass from the corner setting and was unwearable. Then I had the idea of replacing the missing piece and the other three corners with sea glass:


Considering they’re not the perfect shape for the setting they are held amazingly strongly by the aforementioned glue. I actually prefer it now, the green looks good and I like the fact that it’s not shiny!

Yesterday I consolidated my love of this glue when I made a velvet clasp bag:


The material is held in with non other than that little tube of glue (it’s nearly finished now, I’m getting some more) I looked up whether it could be used for fabric before using it, as I’d bought it as jewellers glue. After gluing in place I just crimped the frame slightly to make it more secure.

It’s not finished, I’m going to embellish it but I just had to share my glue success!

I thought it looked quite 20’s-30’s:


I’ve been evening bag absorbed lately, the black one on the right is also velvet. The silver sequinned butterfly top is blinging, it’s in the frame just to show they’re evening bags! It’s all about the embellishment at the moment.

I’m so tempted to write something about getting stuck in, or sticky moments, stuck in the middle with you….

Stuck in the middle of the week?

I’m going now, stop groaning, I’m off really.

No, I’m not sticking around ho hum.

Have a great week.



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  1. Vix says:

    Thanks for that! I feel like I’m on an eternal quest to find decent glue. i thought i’d tried everything but that one isn’t familiar at all.
    I love that brooch and the bag is fantastic.
    The evening bags look fantastic displayed against the butterfly tops. I’ve sold quite a few of them over the years, they’re eternally popular. xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the look of evening bags and I always think I’ll use them but then find an excuse not to take a bag at all!
      I love velvet though, I think it’s one of my favourite fabrics.


  2. What a gorgeous bag and I utterly love your shoes and gorgeous sparkly top. One word of warning about the E6000, it is quite toxic so use it in a very well ventilated place. If you are using it for fabric embellishment you might want to check out Gemtac which is non-toxic, waterproof and easy to find. It also dries clear. I have also got a hot glue gun that was very cheap. It stings like crazy if you get any melted glue on yourself and is a bit messy until you get the hang of it but it is good for just about everything. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the tips, I think I might try a glue gun. I imagine it make the glue easier to use if it’s warmed up.
      The shoes are very comfortable too, I haven’t worn them much but now I’ve dug them out I think I’ll give them a night out!


  3. Ann says:

    I love how you revamped that vintage brooch with the pieces of sea glass. You have definitely improved its look, as I think green and pink work so well together! That velvet evening bag is looking very luxurious, and exactly the thing for this time of year. I agree it can be difficult to find the correct glue for the job, resulting in many dried out tubes, which I guess every home has! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love green and pink too. They do go well together don’t they and of course it’s sea glass so what’s not to like!
    I want to decorate the bag, I’m still deciding how, old roses maybe?


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