Seeing Red

Apparently green makes you think more creatively. Red though is my favourite, it yells confidence (orange speaks it but red yells)


So even though I could definitely do with a bit of eye makeup and a smudge of lipstick…and maybe a little blusher, the red was what I needed today.

It works too, I’ve always loved it, even as a child it was the colour I most liked to wear, girlie pink? Nah, give me red any day.

At this time of year, nature does it best. It might be a bit worried about winter but it’s putting on a show.

So I tripped round the garden taking photos of all the red I could see;

More red:


This is the ring I made at my silversmithing course last week. The option was for another un naturally thin silver ring, so when I spied a piece of copper with a leaf vein print on it, I had to ask if I could use it.

After making it, it was covered in firescale and looked like this:


Unlike the silver the week before, it wouldn’t polish off and I didn’t want to use anything abrasive that could destroy the delicate leaf print, so ta da…


You don’t get much redder than ketchup, see all about red this week!

15 minutes sitting in a pot of tomato sauce and a quick polish with a cloth…


Perfect for Philip. He even wore it.


And now I’m off to put on my red shoes…lets dance.



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  1. ratpip says:

    Red is definitely you! Love the ring.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. The print on the copper is lovely isn’t it? Xxx


  2. Ann says:

    You’re looking fabulous in red! I’d love to see the red shoes … Your garden is still looking lovely, it seems, especially with all those vibrant reds. What a clever trick with the ring. It’s looking fantastic! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah yes, red shoes. I’ve always had a thing for them and usually have at least a pair or two at any one time!
      It’s amazing how quickly the season is changing now, the colours are lovely this year. At least it goes some way to nake up for this year’s weather. We’ve had an odd week of red sun and yellow skies, Sahara dust apparently. xxx

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  3. Vix says:

    I can’t tell that you need any make-up, the red coat looks so good on you. Its a brilliant style, too.
    I’d forgotten all about the cleaning powers of ketchup – we used to use it to revive burnt copper saucepans back in my catering days. xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I’d forgotten all about ketchup too, I’ll be using it all the time now!
      It’s difficult to imagine you in your pre Kinky life, in catering. I loved the recent student photos in your post. I could have gone back in time, stepped in to one of them and looked right at home, how time flies . xxx


  4. I would say that red is definitely you color! What a gorgeous combination. How did I miss this post? Well, glad I saw it now. Those are beautiful landscape photos. Tomatoes are acidic to that would make since that they would clean. But ketchup doing it does surprise me. I would it tomato juice has the same properties….

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks Terri, I’ve always loved red.
    I agree it’s the acidity of the vinegar that makes tomato ketchup work and the fact that it’s so thick it supports what you put in it.


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