Rip it up and start again


I could do a blog post of out takes this week. I’ve started several things destined for the bin.

Not everything I make is successful. Take this skirt:


The only time I wore it was the day these photos were taken. I hated it, it was too big and I felt rubbish in it.

It had to be unpicked:


The material is sitting, unpicked from the skirt, in my fabric box, at the top so that you can see it in the photo (it’s not usually afforded that honour). The rest of the skirt became bag handles, exciting stuff.

In my war on waste, I hate throwing things away. I love to try and find a use for things and on the same topic…

I started a silversmithing course last week, booked months ago to develop my rudimentary skills.

Imagine my excitement, we were going to make a ring.

The very first lesson and in two hours. So in my mind I’m thinking ‘is this possible?’

Well, yes it is! Except you wouldn’t want to wear it..

Two hours in and my nascent skill set produced this. Now I’m quite pleased with it, it looks much like everyone else’s and it is joined in a continual circle – result. It’s so thin though that it if you wore it no one would notice.

Determined to do something with it, it’s now a necklace:


I know, you’ve seen similar before and the only reason it’s shown here is that I was so pleased I actually made something I can wear with it.

Next session is tonight, hopefully a bit more silver will be involved!

I’ve ordered some stuff off the internet this week, that either hasn’t arrived, or has but it’s not what I expected.

I ordered some wool felt for a sewing project, what came though was polyester felt, not sewable and useless for what I wanted.


It wasn’t expensive and there are 40 sheets of it, so I started to think what I might do with it.

I made a start:

But there’s a lot to go so any ideas would be gratefully received!

It’s almost the end of the week, I’ve been meaning to write all week but haven’t got around to it. So I’ll say have a great weekend, even though it’s technically still a week day tomorrow!


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  1. Vix says:

    I love these kind of posts because, like you, I can’t bear to throw perfectly usable stuff away! I love the necklace and those felt earrings. What a shame you didn’t feel right in that lovely skirt, the print is gorgeous. How about recovering a footstool so you can admire the fabric?

    Here’s three brilliant ideas for felt. Be warned though, the blog I found them on is seriously gorgeous, you’ll lose hours! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think a footstool is an excellent idea, I love the material but the skirt was so big that I could pull it off without undoing it!
      I looked at the link you sent me, yes I could spend hours just looking! I think I will try the cacti. I don’t do houseplants, they’re too much responsibility, so they would be a good substitute 🙂 xxx


  2. Ann says:

    The skirt’s fabric is fabulous, and I’m sure inspiration will strike when you least expect it. Turning the ring into a necklace was a great idea. And I love what you did with the felt, although admittedly you’d have to make a lot of earrings to use it all up. There are some fabulous colours, though. Last week I used some red felt to line a box I’m using for storing brooches. Have a great weekend, too, Sally! xxx

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  3. Lining boxes is a good idea, I may well try that. You’re right I could make lots of earrings with 40 sheets of felt! xxx


  4. Maybe designing a holiday collars for you pup? Coasters-2 layers of felt with plastic between them. I like the box idea, especially for keeping jewelry or just little jewelry envelopes. By the way, those earrings might just get me to do a small project myself. I have a bag of leather scraps that would be perfect for what you did. I will let you know if I get that done. I need to stop reading blogs and finish my Halloween decorations.

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  5. Leather would be great, I think it could look fantastic.
    I like the coasters suggestion. A collar for Ziggy would work as long as he doesn’t get his teeth on it – he loves to chew!
    Halloween decoration making sounds fun, I’d like to see them. xxx


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