Of Buttons, Bags and Beads

I haven’t been to a good vintage fair for ages, so  when a friend suggested one at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, I agreed immediately.

It’s a lovely setting, in the courtyard surrounded by Jacobean buildings. Also lovely to get together friends we hadn’t seen for a while.


The skirt I’m wearing came from ebay, I took a punt, hoping it would be long enough, since I’m fairly tall at 5’8″. I loved the colour, brown/teal/turquoise combo being one of my favourites. It needed a minor repair where some stitching had come loose but was otherwise perfect and long enough too, so I was very happy!

The bag I’m using often accompanies me if I think I might need to carry anything I’ve bought. It’s a Mary Poppins bag; it never seems to get full no matter how full I stuff it!

There were some interesting stalls and I especially loved the hats. I love top hats but couldn’t justify the price for something that I’d never wear. Especially as they were made for a man’s head and therefore far too big for me.

Buttons and beads though, I can rarely refuse.

The beads above are vintage Murano glass in silver, gold and white and the combination looks lovely.

Buttons I collect. Jackets, coats, cardies – all can be transformed with new buttons. I buy them whenever I see them. The lady selling the ones above knocked the price down as I handed over the cash, so I was delighted. Ranging as they do from vintage metal to art deco and some just plain old plastic.

Speaking of buttons…I also use them purely for decoration. My latest bag below is decorated with a range of buttons from the 60’s to the present day.


I used blue polka dot canvas and it has a summery feel. Just as well something does!

With August nearly over it’s almost Autumn, but I reckon that summer might start in September (ever hopeful!) and my fingers are crossed. Especially as we have planned to have holidays later this year.

Have a great week.




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  1. Chaz says:

    Looks like a fun day! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Chaz, it was! xxx


  2. Ann says:

    As you know, I love vintage fairs and flea market, so this definitely gets my approval. I can even spot a sign for one of our Belgian beers! I can never resist picking up buttons either. They are a lovely way to transform any garment, or, like you do, a handmade bag! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for September too, as we’re going away for a week then, and could really do with some summer weather! Have a lovely week! xxx

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    1. I have button jars full, I’ve collected them for years. My mum used to do it and I liked looking through them as a child.
      I hope you have a good holiday too. xxx


  3. Vix says:

    That’s a gorgeous photo of you, Sally! I love your skirt and the bag!
    I bet those bowler hats cost a pretty penny, the vintage ones in larger sizes are highly desirable. I’ve got my Great Grandfather’s top hat which fits me perfectly – I need a man’s hat, my head is huge!
    Holidays? How exciting! A welcome respite from this incessant rain. xxx

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  4. What a lovely heirloom. I’ve seen some great decorated top hats too, it seems a shame though if it’s a good one. I like bowlers too.
    I’m starting to wish we’d booked somewhere hot, we decided to have a couple of UK breaks in the autumn, whatever the weather though it will make a change. xxx


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