One fine day

In celebration of the sunshine, I took some photos of the garden flowers. It felt so good to be outside!


The fruit and veggies are doing well too, they’ve been well watered!

It’s amazing what can be grown in the smallest vegetable garden; just a raised bed and a few boxes!


The fruit is ripening, with all the rain, how can that be? It’s doing ok though.


Bottom right is a mulberry, the blackbirds have had most of them.

We’ve been making wine and jam and eating fresh from the garden. The rhubarb wine is bottled, the plum wine is underway, plum jam in jars. It’s all very Good Life round here at the moment.


The good weather meant Ziggy had a proper walk.

I started quite wrapped up, not expecting it to be warm.


Then had to remove the outer layer, it was almost hot, oh yes, summer is here…for today.


The photographer was feeling quite chipper too!


What about the rest of the week then?

I’ve been sewing, making jewellery, eating some gorgeous veggie fare (summer’s so good for that).


Visited the library, visited friends, read and listened to music, did ta’i chi, bought some clothes (second hand from ebay, I’m wearing one of them, the dress, in the dog walk photos).


Watched the entire latest season of RuPaul’s drag race (I’m addicted), bought tickets to see Jinkx Monsoon (5th season winner of Drag race).

Now binge watching season 2 of The Bridge (seen 1 and 3 and missed 2!).

Whatever you’re doing, have a lovely weekend, starting tomorrow because it’s Friday after all!






4 Comments Add yours

  1. Vix says:

    Wasn’t yesterday’s sunshine a welcome respite from the rain?
    What a glorious looking garden with a veritable bounty of produce. I’ve snaffled next door’s plums early this morning, they were hanging over our garden wall and I reckoned they wouldn’t miss a few!
    You all look fabulous an your dinner is making my mouth water!
    Have a fab weekend. xxx


    1. I don’t want to tempt fate here, but do you think the weather might be improving a bit? 🙂
      Scrumped fruit always tastes best! I tasted the rhubarb wine and it’s gorgeous.
      Veggie food just tastes so much better doesn’t it. xxx


  2. Ann says:

    Your garden seems to be doing great in spite of the atrocious weather you’ve been having. We too haven’t been spared, by the way … My, you have been busy, especially with all the jam and wine making. I see you’ve been reading some Alice Hoffman. I thought I’d read all her books, but this one must have escaped me. Have a fabulous weekend! xxx


    1. I’ve never read Alice Hoffman before, I’m looking forward to it now I know it comes recommended. I don’t know how I missed her but the cover really appealed.
      I love making preserves, it’s very therapeutic, we’ve just got to eat it all now, although a fair bit gets given away. xxx


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