A mixed bag


My computer is playing up and until now I haven’t been able to write. It’s not behaving now and this is taking me ages and I’m losing the will to write but I’m determined to do so, between gritted teeth!

It’s the middle of A level exam time and my students had mixed feelings about the exam they had just done the other day but having got the first out of the way and with two still to go, it’s a case of look forward and focus on the next one.

It’s strange for me as I’m looking forward to a change of direction but I want to put my energy into finishing this term first.

I’ve been making bags in my spare time this week. A couple of examples below:

I’ve experimented with using bleach on denim, to paint and stamp with. I had mixed results and a sore throat from standing over it for too long! The results are interesting. The shorts and skirt I love but I’m not sure about the denim samples, they’re a bit of a mash up:

I quite like the randomness of the results though!

I’ve been in the garden a lot this week. It’s amazing how quickly things catch up when the weather improves. I photographed some successes but also a few failures to share.

The hostas have been demolished by snails, as has another new plant whose name I can’t recall and of which there is so little left I can’t identify it.

The courgettes have failed completely to germinate and the greengages just disappeared. See tree with no fruit at all:

IMG_20170615_1502303 (1)

It’s not all bad though, there has been some success!

Lots of fruit is appearing, I love fruit, I get really excited when I see it starting to develop:

Two varieties of apple, plums, grapes, olives, blackcurrants and redcurrants (so they will never look like Ann’s (http://polyester-princess.blogspot.co.uk/) large and bountiful whitecurrants after all! – my links aren’t working so I’ve added the website to show what a proper current harvest might look like, as a two year old bush, the one above might give me a saucer full).

I also planted a pear against the wall last year and it’s covered in fruit:

The chard is growing well and the new herbs I planted this year have all germinated and grown and I now have thyme, sage, rosemary, savoury, lovage, parsley, basil, chives, coriander, fennel and mint (I’m finally self sufficient in herbs).

I was going to write more but I’m admitting defeat and leaving it here. This has taken longer than I dare to admit and I’ve lost what I’ve been writing more than once. What the hell though, I’ve done it, yay!

Hopefully things will be working normally again soon.

Have a great weekend.






4 Comments Add yours

  1. Vix says:

    Your creations are fantastic. I love the bleach design shorts and your bags are lovely!
    Your garden is utterly lovely. I’m not having much luck with keeping the slugs are bay, we’ve lost so much this year but my courgette plants and tomatoes are hanging on in there. I haven’t checked on my redcurrant bushes for days, I hardly dare to, the birds have probably had them.
    Hope you get those computer woes sorted soon. xxx


    1. Thanks Vix.
      We go on slug hunts before bed! Then I can’t bear to kill them so they end up back the next day!
      The birds love the berries don’t they, if I get part of the crop I count myself lucky. We had a cherry tree in our last house and every year they got the lot. xxx


  2. Ann says:

    Sorry to hear you’re computer’s playing up. I love the bags you made and the bleach designs are a clever idea. We might have a decent crop of white currants, but apart from a small gooseberry bush, that’s all the fruit we have, which is nothing compared to your variety. One of our Hostas was almost completely devoured by slugs over just a couple of days’ time. There seem to be more of them than ever before, and they are quite hard to keep at bay if you’re not inclined to use those nasty pellets. Have a lovely weekend! xxx


  3. I think the computer may be reaching the end of its natural lifespan, I keep hoping I can squeeze a bit more work out of it before I have to replace it.
    Hosts are 5 star slug food aren’t they! xxx


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