Digging your scene


As I’m writing this I’m listening the wonderful high camp of the Blow Monkeys and already I’m starting to feel positive. When the world seems to have gone to hell in a handcart, it helps to be listening to some of my favorite feel good music. Sometimes the happiness quotient needs a bit of a boost.

If you feel like joining in…..

Back in my house sharing, hedonistic, student days, my housemates and I would ramp up the volume, open the wine and dance around as we got ready to go out – the neighbours loved us. I haven’t changed but the neighbours can’t hear and Ziggy joins in.


He loves yoghurt and he’s just got his nose stuck in the pot.

It’s off now, there was no cruelty to animals in the taking of this photo.




Plans are there to be broken and we’d planned to take Brian for his first trip this year. The winter cover came off and we checked everything electrical worked by having a coffee made using the kettle in there.


He’s looking good but the car engine started playing up so a change of plan was needed.

We decided that since the weather was nice on Saturday we would drive the short distance into Suffolk and visit the small town of Clare. an old wool town on the river Stour. The cloth towns of this region were very prosperous and it has a gothic church that is huge in relation to the size of the town it belongs to.

Clare also boasts the remains of a Medieval castle, just part of the stone keep remains but a climb to the top affords excellent views of the town and surrounding countryside.

Next to the church is the Ancient house museum, the house contains a history of the town and the steward was very helpful and informative, she told us all about the characters that shaped the town. The outside is decorated with pargeting, the decorative plasterwork common to Suffolk houses.

After we had our fill of culture, we visited the town’s large antiques warehouse; sited over four floors in an old mill, it is full of vintage and antiques from different traders. It has a great café outside, with a veranda, dainty china and a massive suit of armour to sit next to.

The Swan Inn has a carved sign that is thought to have originally been from the castle and is probably the oldest pub sign in the country.

Before coming home we even managed a wander along the river Stour

The weather was lovely, unlike today, it’s raining hard and so windy that the rain is being blown along in vertical sheets. The seedlings that finally germinated after the cold dry spring are now lying on their sides looking helpless.

At least we got a good crop of rhubarb and made some wine. It started slowly but then began to ferment madly.



It’s slowed down now but it ran down the sides and across the bench it was on before I noticed.

Hopefully a good wine then?




After a sing along to the music and a coffee and a blog, I feel revived.

Wishing everyone a happy week.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Vix says:

    You’v got me singing along now! Dr Robert was quite the fox back in the day.
    Poor Ziggy!!
    Brian looks fantastic, what a shame the car’s been misbehaving and scuppering your plans. We’re having a moment with Gilbert, too.
    Thanks for taking us on a trip around Clare (that’s my middle name). The vintage warehouse looks incredible and I adore that swan frieze adorning that building. The walk along the Stour was very relaxing and your jacket is fantastic.
    Our poor gardens! Good luck with the wine. xxx


    1. I have a cousin Clare, I think it’s a lovely name.
      Ziggy is a loveable rogue, he once managed to grab an unwrapped and just bought brie off the work surface and by the time I turned around and saw him it was half gone! xxx


  2. Ann says:

    Oh, poor Ziggy, though I must admit that photo made me smile. Sometimes it’s hard to keep a straight face when your pet does something silly … Brian is looking amazing, and I hope the engine problems will soon be solved, so that you can finally take him on a trip. Clare looks like an interesting town. Love the pub sign, and how I would have loved to have a good browsing session at the antique warehouse! The weather was horrible here yesterday, almost like an autumn day with all the wind and rain. At least I didn’t have to do any watering … xxx


    1. The car’s at the garage today so hopefully they’ll sort it out. It would be nice to get away in the ‘van, we spent most of last summer doing it up and we’ve only managed one weekend away in it, last autumn, so far. Fingers crossed! xxx


  3. You are making me feel guilty. I have let our Airstream go in such disarray. You’re a dog person, of course! Love the head in the yogurt-My old Poodle Millie does that too. Beautiful little village. I enjoyed seeing a glimpse of Clare.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love Airstreams, they have such an iconic shape.
    Poodles have such big characters don’t they, Ziggy is sitting hoping longingly for the watermelon I’m eating as I write this!


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