Vintage Rules

It does AND there are none! Or at least only the rules you make for yourself, which you can change and break at will.

I’ve loved vintage forever, it wasn’t called vintage back then though, it was second hand, or, even less charmingly called, junk.

Call it vintaging, upcycling, re purposing, chazza shopping ( I love that expression, which refers to shopping in charity shops, it’s not mine, I learnt it from Vix ). Call it escaping from the rat race just a little bit and taking a more scenic route.

It’s such a fun way of life. It feels so good not caring how others perceive you and making your own rules.

My ‘rules’ are:

 1.  You shouldn’t have to justify what you like to anyone and it shouldn’t matter what people think. It shouldn’t be about fashion…then again it doesn’t matter if it is. It will be sometimes, because fashions come and go and what I like will sometimes be hot; not for long though, it makes me dizzy how fickle tastes are. I don’t follow fashion, no sir, I just don’t care a fig.

Take this dress for example:

I’ve worn it for 20 years now. I love it, it’s cool in hot weather, comfortable and I love the colour.


Someone said the other day, ‘I love your ombre dress’.

It is isn’t it! It wasn’t when I bought it though, it was dip dyed, ombre didn’t exist then.

2. It doesn’t need to be second hand, or even old to be vintage.

If I love it and I keep loving it, I can buy it, it will become vintage because it’s not mass produced rubbish that will last a season then go in the bin.

I have two armchairs that belonged to my parents which are about 40 years old. When they got very tatty I recovered them. They are comfy and very well made. The local tip is always full of badly made and very new furniture, what a waste.

I also have two old chairs I picked up from an auction a few years ago. They were cheap and both are solid and strong:

3. I can buy something and re make it, re purpose it or upcycle it. It may have once been an old colander but if I want to add lights and make it into a garden chandelier then I will.

I’m no purist, material things only have the value of how much I like them and material or monetary value is less important. I hate to feel something needs to be so well looked after that I can’t relax and enjoy it. The likelihood of me spilling wine on something I own tends to increase with its value!

4. It can be collected from nature, jewellery made from things I find are real treasures. I definitely don’t need no diamond rings…..but if I saw an old ring with precious stones I might buy it if I really loved it. I might buy old plastic, wood and metal jewellery too.

I have sold many pieces of vintage jewellery over the years but these are mine, cloisonné and micro mosaic are favourite techniques, I love the detail.

I’ve also had new jewellery remade from old. I got this lovely bespoke ring made as a present from Philip. It’s a garnet and it’s one of my favourites.


5.  I need to like the things around me, they need to make me feel good when I look at them. I love afghan blankets for example; both making them and the way they look. They are everywhere at the moment but mine will be just as good once everyone else has gone off them. My beds and sofas will still be adorned.

Five non rules are enough but the thing is I can always break them.

The weather has been so gorgeously hot and sunny  over the weekend but there are thunderstorms forecast for today and it’s started to cloud over, so I’m going to spend the afternoon making, doing and mending!

Have a good week.


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  1. Ann says:

    I don’t give a fig about fashion or what people think either. It’s fun making up your own rules and wearing whatever you like. Whenever we need a new piece of furniture, the charity shops are the first place we go. It took months to find my vintage wardrobe but I would never have been as happy with a mass produced one. I love all the jewellery but I especially love the micromosaic brooch, which it’s fabulous, and of course you needed to have a poodle brooch too! Oh, and I too learned the word “chazza” from Vix! A thunderstorm has been forecast here too, and they say it’s going to be particularly heavy locally. Have a wonderful week yourself! xxx PS Can’t believe Siouxsie turned 60, how is that even possible?

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    1. Chazza is a great word isn’t it, even the word makes it sound fun!
      Yes, I too was surprised that Siouxsie was 60, it’s scary how time flies.
      It’s lovely finding a piece of furniture you’ve been looking out for. I love visiting auctions if I’m looking for furniture, they’re so interesting. Xxx

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  2. I guess I go with what ever looks best on me and find that I sometimes like to connect with my past. Believe me, I wear some things that are older than 20 years and they give me a feeling of peace, some type of continuity or connection to my self.

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    1. That’s a great way of putting it, old favourites do give you a connection to your past don’t they.
      I always enjoy seeing how you’ve styled an outfit in lots of different ways.


  3. Vix says:

    Don’t you look fabulous in your dip-dyed dress? I can’t use the O word!!!
    What a fab post and so true, Sally. I’ve always worn vintage to stick my fingers up at the establishment, no mindlessly following fashion or fitting into a pigeonhole. It’s the complete freedom of wearing/decorating your home or your garden with whatever the hell you like from all manner of eras (even 2017) and creating a look that nobody else has or can emulate.
    The ring Philip had made for you in beautiful, what a wonderful idea. I love those chairs, too.
    I hate people telling me that I should sell something because it’s worth money, I buy stuff I love and sod the value! xxx

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  4. Thanks Vix.
    I know what you mean about ombre, it’s one of those pretentious terms isn’t it. It makes me want to laugh!
    It’s amazing how good it feels to just go along ploughing your own furrow isn’t it?


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