Reasons to be cheerful

It was a birthday week here, Philip is now… ageless. Yup, we’ve decided that numbers just don’t matter anymore and if we’d been cavemen, what fun! We wouldn’t know how old we are. Since we have NO intention of behaving age appropriately, EVER, we might as well ditch the numbers too. So it was a great birthday

even if the photo shows that he maybe partied a bit hard. The cafe we went to is perfect for a French lunch and really cheap. It’s called Cafe de Paris 🙂

Family meal, lunch out with friends next day, altogether a perfect celebration.

The last couple of days have seen me swimming and going to Tai ch’i,  After which I just popped into a charity shop in a local village that has four of them, charity shop heaven, I found this GORGEOUS orange glass, it’s so cheerful and cost me a massive £1.99


It’s sunny in the background but we’ve finally had rain, the garden was positively withered so I was so happy,  I even photographed it, I had forgotten what it looked like!

How could the grass look this yellow in May?  It’s starting to look good again though and my vegetable seeds have finally germinated,  ta da, so exciting.

Another thing that’s made me feel really good has been that I’ve started to make things again and to that end this wonderful drill has been in action, a photo of it and more later…


I love getting back to a bit of creativity it feels like ages since I’ve done any. The tuition will be finished at the end of June and then I can really get going on it.

Last but not least, my sister sent me a photo she took off TOTP on the telly, it reminded her of me! I loved The Cure and so I’m sharing this with you, it took me back to my mad bad youth!! IMG-20170514-WA0000

Such a beautiful photo.

Have a fabulous weekend.


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  1. Vix says:

    Happy Birthday to Philip! I’m delighted to hear that the celebrations lasted longer than a single day and yes, you cares about numbers (unless it’s your bank balance!!)
    That orange glass is gorgeous as is young Robert Smith. I had a huge Boys Don’t Cry poster in my student digs back in the day.
    That drill looks positively scary, what are you going to do with it? xxx


    1. The drill is perfect for jewellery making but loads of others things too. The weather’s been too good to miss this week though so I haven’t got going yet, I’m making the most of it before the sun goes in ☺ xxx


  2. ratpip says:

    Lovely pumpkinny bowl! I think Ziggy may have had something to do with the state of the lawn!


    1. It does look a bit like a pumpkin doesn’t it. Ziggy is a bit of a lawn destroyer but lovely with it! xxx


  3. Ann says:

    Happy birthday to Philip. Being ageless rocks! That Robert Smith photo really takes me back. I was a big fan of their first album, and just listening to it takes me right back to my bad youth 😉 And The Forest, of course, is such an ageless (there’s that word again) classic. I am dying to know what you are going to do with that drill! xxx


    1. I still listen to all my old records, music really can transport you back to a time and place can’t it. I can often be seen dancing around too. When I get going with the drill I’ll take some photos! xxx


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