Small Pleasures

I’ve been relishing small pleasures this week. Sometimes it really helps me to slow down and appreciate the simple things. Get my mojo back so to speak.

I haven’t been running barefoot through wet grass (even the thought of that is pleasurable), because it’s been too dry here lately, it’s been cold too, although to be fair it was lovely yesterday and it’s still warm today. No wet grass though.

I have been outside in the garden a lot and despite the dry conditions most things are doing well:


The birds have been kind enough to give us a few free plants:

The climbing rose has burst into flower:

There were just a few tiny rainbow chard leaves left from last year, enough to make one of my favourite lentil dishes:


IMG_20170507_1958016 (1)
Served here with brown rice and mixed salad.


I’ve been on a spending spree too. My ‘retail therapy’ yielded 2 skirts and a top for around £10 in total after an evening browsing ebay:

A nice cup of tea is always a pleasure and I love chamomile tea and Green tea with ginger but since the two below were on special offer. I thought I’d give them a try. A change is as good as a rest!


I think I just liked the colour of the boxes. I’m drinking the blood orange one now though and it’s good.

If I could include out takes from this post, you would see me tidying the shed out and leaving very fast, chased by a massive big bazza (spider). There were so many in there but I left them, reasoning that it’s their home and they spend more time there than I do. I think that big bazza was the largest I’ve seen for a long time!

I’ll leave you with a final couple of photos sent by a friend of their new kitten. She’s called Mimi and is only 8 weeks old:

Have a good week.


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  1. Ann says:

    Your garden seems to be coming along nicely, Sally. I have a white currant bush too: after 15+ years it has become gigantic and we have a bumper crop of currants, which we are sharing with the resident blackbirds. The lentil dish looks delish. Might give it a try. You did well with your retail therapy too. And of course, I love your friend’s kitten, looking like butter wouldn’t melt! xxx


    1. Now I’ve seen your currant bush and it’s going to give you a great crop isn’t it. The birds eat everything here too, I’ve given up fighting them them for it and they are so lovely to watch it’s a good compensation! Apparently Mimi (the kitten) hasn’t exactly been welcomed by the rest of their cat family but she’s making progress 🙂 xxx


  2. Vix says:

    We’ve got rainbow chard and courgettes planted, the courgettes are showing leaves now but so far nothing with the chard, I’m very impatient!
    I love how you’ve disguised your satellite dish and the blooms they gave you.
    Your lentil dish looks delicious, i might have to give that a whirl, we love lentils! Great finds, too. Colourful and print-tastic.
    That kitten is adorable, i want to steal him. xxx


  3. None of our seeds have even germinated yet, spring is so much further ahead where you are; I’m impatient too, so this isn’t good!
    I actually think I may be addicted to lentils, I get excited by a lentil meal like some people look forward to cake, must be something in them 😉 .
    I know what you mean about the kitten, I’m tempted to steal her!


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