I’ve been waitin’ for tomorrow (all of my life)


Title borrowed from, the The; sentiment my own.

When I was young, my aunt and godmother, to whom I was very close, had an antique shop. I loved to visit and her presents were always exciting, unique, vintage ones (with the exception of a fox fur stole, unique yes but I was horrified; it was whipped away but although a long time dead, never forgotten).

I loved to wander around all the old things and look at the jewellery, which she had a keen interest in.

She in turn inherited her enterprising spirit from my grandmother, my mum’s mother, who, widowed when my mother was still a small child, opened and ran a grocery shop and supported her family on her own. She was an amazing, strong woman called Hannah and I admired her immensely. She died at the age of 84, when I was 17. Her photograph is shown below (apologies for the quality, it’s photographed from a very old photo):


I always knew that I too wanted to work for myself but my route to doing so was a very circuitous journey. Firstly when I left home at 18 and trained as a nurse, then later when I went to university; followed by several years working in research, a teaching career – all the time feeling like I didn’t really know what I wanted to do and knowing that I hadn’t found something that excited me.

Then we (Philip and I) decided to work for ourselves, a few years after that I augmented our livelihood by starting a business selling vintage, upcycled and handcrafted goods. Still though I was holding down a job.

I finally left teaching five years ago and continued to tutor and trade. Our income dropped but I was much happier, however, the trade couldn’t compete and I put it on the backburner, closed my website and continued with just ebay.

IMG_20170503_1640250 (1)
Some of the things I used that were invaluable: ultrasonic cleaner, ring sizer and pliers.


Well, I’ve decided to commit to the thing I most enjoy and give up tuition, the decision was made after doing a recent Easter revision course, when I realised I just wasn’t doing what I really wanted to anymore.

I don’t know what direction to take it in but it’s time to stop waiting for tomorrow.

This week has been another of those, start on Tuesday then spend the rest of the week not knowing what day it is kind of week! We did a lot of garden designing at the front of the house. It was like a parking lot with borders, so we wanted to change it a bit:

It all took much longer than we had anticipated, especially taking up all of the setts and laying pebbles but at least it’s finished.

The pebbles can be seen on the photo below. I’m wearing a leather jacket that was given to me because the owner had spilt a bit of paint on it! It’s fine now and a perfect fit.


Then I took myself to the local charity shop and treated myself to a few bits and pieces:

Chatting to the ladies who work there, I commented on how beautifully they present everything. The shop is new, it opened last summer and they take a great deal of care with it.

They were all excitedly trying clothes on when I went in and had to interrupt it to serve me, which they did laughingly and with good grace.

So I’m off to tutor now, the exams finish next month and until then I’ve got students to teach.

Have a good week.


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  1. Ann says:

    What a lovely post! I love that photo of your grandmother – by coincidence, I am working on a post dedicated to my grandmother! I can only applaud your decision and I’m wishing you all the best, whatever you decide to do next. I love the bits and pieces from the charity shop, and your “rescued” leather jacket! xxx


    1. Thank you Ann. I look forward to reading the post about your grandmother. It was good to remember mine and dig out the old photo xxx


  2. Vix says:

    I loved reading this, so good to learn more about you and Philip. It takes a strong person to admit that their chosen career isn’t working for them and to move on and try something else. We’ll never be rich buying and selling but we get so much pleasure from what we do.
    The garden is looking amazing.Maybe the pair of you should go into garden design or at least sell some of those gorgeous container gardens.
    How like Hannah you are. The women in your family sound wonderfully string and enterprising, just like you.
    You looked fabulous ready to hit the chazzas and the pendant you found was super. The ladies sound a happy lot! xxx


  3. Thank you Vix. Being rich has never been my goal either, I’d much rather settle for happy and you certainly seem to have achieved that.
    The container was so easy to make, we just bolted together some sleepers, it’s nice to have more flowers in front of the house. The rest of the garden just needs sorting out now, it’s full of weeds. xxx


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