Manic Monday

Before I’d finished my breakfast yesterday a cereal bowl had been smashed in the kitchen, shortly after that this was followed by an entire mug of tea, spilt on the new bedroom carpet. I tried water, bicarbonate of soda and then spirit vinegar solution but as it dried I could see a big brown stain forming before my eyes.

I looked on the internet, as you do, where I was helpfully told tea is a difficult stain to remove – helpful!

Anyway this brings me to two discoveries I’ve made this month…..

A week or so ago I got waterproof eyeliner all over the sleeve of my shirt, sloppy of me I know. I tried eye make up remover but the stain wouldn’t budge. I’m not sure why I absentmindedly rubbed toothpaste into it but it removed the mark completely.

Back to the tea stain on the carpet; sorry if it’s boring.. but I was AMAZED when I made up a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide, sprayed it on, blotted it off and the stain had entirely gone, not a trace. This is worth knowing I feel, so I’m spreading the joy!

If the morning started badly at least it ended with the news that Bananarama are re forming, a few people have suggested it must be down to my last post!!! I think I may have to go and see them, I may even need to backcomb my hair.

Last weekend we went on a trip north:


Isn’t the Angel of the North just so magnificent. This is a view of it from the A1 as we drove past.

We went to visit my sister and her family in Northumberland.

As soon as we arrived we went off to the beautiful town of Rothbury for coffee, then had a look round all the charity shops. I didn’t find anything but my sister did and in the RSPCA shop they welcomed Ziggy and made a real fuss of him.

An evening in the pub, then back to their house for a lovely meal and then up next morning for a bracing walk along the beach, dogs in tow. Ours and theirs got on well and were like little buddies!

Ziggy’s little pal is just visible to the left of the right hand photo.

The beach was, except for us, virtually empty, it was refreshing and windy enough to blow away the cobwebs from the night before. It’s a hauntingly beautiful and very bracing coastline!

When we got back the weather here was grey but today is much better, sunny enough for me to have ventured into the garden with the real camera instead of just the one on my phone. The later blossom is beginning to bloom now, lilac and apple blossom, lovely:

Ziggy is feeling very relaxed,


not for long though, we’re off for a walk now.

Enjoy your week


6 Comments Add yours

  1. ratpip says:

    Great tip about the hydrogen peroxide, did you find it among your bananarama hair styling products?
    That beach is lovely as is Ziggy!


    1. Ha ha, you know me too well! Xxx


  2. Ann says:

    Those are quite useful tips, Sally. The Angel of the North is magnificent. Never seen her in real life, though, but I’m sure one of these years we’ll take a trip up north. I love a walk on a near empty beach to blow the cobwebs away. No wonder lovely Ziggy is feeling so relaxed. xxx


    1. I was so amazed by the ‘accidental’ results I had to share! The Northumberland coast is worth a visit, it’s very unspoilt, like me you love empty beaches so you would love it there xxx


  3. Vix says:

    I do love a good cleaning tip! Thanks for that! I’m glad the new carpet was saved. Phew!
    Ziggy is adorable, no wonder he got loads of love and fuss on his trip up North. That beach is fabulous. xxx


    1. I wasn’t too serene about the carpet disaster! The beach was stunning, the photos don’t do it justice, I didn’t want to leave. Ziggy loves people and dogs so he was in his element! Xxx


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