It Ain’t What You Do (It’s the Way That You Do It)

I had a bit of a Bananarama vibe going on over the weekend. It started with a small square of Indian cotton, measuring  about 1 metre (more of this later). I couldn’t think of anything that could be made with it that I needed or wanted, until I came across an old denim mini skirt, so short that I could never decently wear it without flashing my knickers. Putting the two together I ended up with a ra ra skirt. How 80’s is that! A bit longer than ra ra skirts of old but even so I couldn’t resist dressing it up à la Bananarama for a few photos :

The hat is my old Panama from the early 80’s and the bright orange felted wool bag was bought in Peru.

Back at the start of the year, I ordered some material from India to make three window pelmets for the upstairs landing windows. I wrote back then about my plan to make something that took its inspiration from the bright Toran door hangings I had seen. I hoped to liven up the decor, which as I explained looked bland. Since it isn’t an area that anyone spends time in, it had been overlooked and forgotten.

It took weeks to arrive and when finally it did, I realised as I opened it that there wasn’t enough to decently clothe even the smallest window. So that’s how I ended up with the scrap of material for the aforementioned skirt.

I found some more material I liked, had another go at ordering it, taking a bit more care to enter the measurements correctly, waited another few weeks and it eventually arrived; the perfect size this time, so I was able to make them over the weekend:

And now they are up:

They look a bit mediaeval jester meets stegosaurus.

My final creative moment of the weekend was a battered old table, destined for the tip when the owner found it in a house they had just bought. They put it out ready to throw away and I snaffled it, actually no they were delighted when I took it away….here is the little beauty:


Just a lick of paint, a sheet of sticky back plastic, and ta da:

Now it’s a smart little computer table, snapped up by a beady eyed someone! Who eyed it as I was working on it, claimed it as their own and now it’s residing in London where we took it yesterday- the original owner took quite a liking to it, couldn’t believe it was the same table, but too late it was already gone!!

Amazing what you can do with sticky back plastic, how very Blue Peter!

Apart from all the upcycling, we managed a trip to the cinema to see The Handmaiden, a South Korean period thriller which was beautifully shot. I also caught up on reading and had some leisurely walks with the dog. The time flew. I keep thinking today’s Monday, it’s always like that after a bank holiday weekend.

Have a lovely week.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Vix says:

    I keep having to tell myself it’s Tuesday. These Bank Holidays are very confusing!
    That skirt is seriously groovy, what a brilliant re-purposing. Bananarama had great style (and I still love their hair when I see repeats of TOTP even now)
    That Toran is gorgeous, what fab colours. I’ve got a less nice one I bought from a car boot which i should dig out for the festival season. Why i don’t buy one in India I never know!
    Love the table. it looks very Mid-century. I’m not surprised it got snaffled. xxx


    1. Bananarama did have great hair didn’t they, I love the TOTP repeats too. So glad you liked the toran, it’s lovely material. It’s been great getting back to making things again. xxx


  2. Ann says:

    My, you’ve certainly had a creative weekend! You are a vision of the 80s in that ra ra skirt, and you’ve given me quite an earworm there, will probably be singing Bananarama for the rest of the week! Love the pelmets, and that table is quite unrecognizable! xxx


  3. Sorry about the ear worm, I can get them that last a week! The table was a surprising success, I thought the sticky back plastic would go bubbled but it was so smooth, it must have improved over the years since I had to cover school books. xxx


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