All work and no play…

Made me a very dull girl. In a moment of madness I agreed to teach an Easter holiday revision course. The college I tutor for asked me last year and it seemed so far off that I said yes. Fast forward to the start of last week and having already spent hours preparing,  I  was up at 6.30 and ready to go. My days finished at 5 pm and then after getting home I spent all evening working. On the bright side, last week’s class of 18 year olds were lovely, a really nice bunch of students.

By Friday evening I was exhausted but luckily the very insightful Philip had booked a restaurant and after a relaxing evening out I definitely felt a bit chirpier.

Yesterday I altered a couple of basic and basicly tiny tee shirts. They came into my possession destined to become polishing cloths but brand new so it seemed a shame. I cut up the sides, added some fabric, a broderie anglaise edge to the black one and now both are serviceable.  They will be fine for work anyway. It felt good not to just cut them up.

After finishing that, spending time in the garden and relaxing for most of the day, I felt a bit more energetic today so got up and went swimming.

The weather both yesterday and today is very summery, so after lunch we wandered into town for coffee. The river was packed and there was a real holiday atmosphere,  lots of people are here for a spring break. I love it at this time of year so I stopped to take a photo.

IMG_20170409_1519006 This evening a few glasses of wine and a nice meal will round off a relaxing couple of days.

I can’t wait to get back to normal. Two years worth of subject material covered in a week is a bit mind boggling and I much prefer the more leisurely pace of life I’m used to!

Whatever you’re up to this week, have a nice one.


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  1. Vix says:

    Well done, Philip! How thoughtful of him to take you out for dinner after such a tough week. You’ve got a good ‘un there!
    Love what you’ve done with those tee shirts, what a great idea.
    The photo is gorgeous, captures those last few wonderfully warm days a treat. xxx


    1. We went to a favourite restaurant, it was a good start to the weekend. I have little piles of material just waiting for me to do something with them and I’m itching to get on with it, it’s much easier this week though xxx


  2. Ann says:

    It looks like you have had a full schedule indeed! I’m amazed that you still had the time and energy to alter those tee shirts. Glad to hear you’ve been having the same weather as here in Belgium, and that you were able to rest and relax in the weekend. Love that photo of Cambridge, which has quite a summery feel to it. Have a great week! xxx


    1. The weather has changed, it’s much cooler. There’s just enough time to start getting excited that summer is starting before the sun goes in, I suppose it comes with the territory of our northern climate. Hope its stayed nice in Belgium this week xxx


  3. krish says:

    Do what you love….what makes you happy…


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