A bloomin’ lovely day in the garden

The weather’s been so good today that we’ve spent much of it in the garden;  after food shopping, followed by coffee and lying about with the Guardian, then lunch that is, so, on reflection, the afternoon has been spent outside. Everything was looking out of shape and overgrown and needed pruning. Suddenly lots of blossom has appeared, last weekend the branches were bare, what a difference a week makes.

Best of all though,  the blackthorn is covered in blossom, potentially, lots of sloe gin! We had virtually none last year.


This is the second weekend in the garden.  Last weekend we took up an area of block paving outside the back door, it’s never been flat, so the table that comes out with the good weather wobbled. It was also very weedy and messy looking. Not now though!

It was very heavy, head down and just keep going kind of work, eventually though we got them all up, all 600 of them. We replaced them with slabs and pebbles.

It looks loads better and looks bigger too. I ached until Wednesday, but it was worth it.

Now having a glass of homemade plum wine as a reward for today’s hard work, it’s gorgeous, a lovely aperitif.




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  1. Ann says:

    There’s a lot going on in the garden this time of year. It’s as if buds and shoots are appearing overnight! Suddenly there is lots to do. We are certainly behind with our pruning … You did a wonderful job on the paving and certainly deserved that delicious sounding home made plum wine! xxx


    1. It’s looking even more like spring this week, I love wandering around to see what’s new each day. Can’t wait to get the table out now but my optimism is often rewarded with snow! The forecast is looking good though xxx


  2. Vix says:

    You thoroughly deserve a glass or two after all that hard work. Your garden is looking fabulous.
    Definitely a north-south divide this weekend, the sun’s been out but it definitely wasn’t warm enough to spend time outside for us. xxx


    1. I needed a glass or three! Apparently it’s going to be ‘shorts weather’ by Thursday. It has to be hot before I venture into shorts though and as it’s common to see people cycling around in them all through winter, I don’t actually know how warm that means. Hope its good over your way too xxx


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