Ignoring 9 to 5 and enjoying the rest

I’ve been working for most of the week, the less said about that the better, but that’s not to say there haven’t been a few high spots.

I managed a trip to the cinema to see Elle yesterday evening. Isabelle Huppert is amazing and at 64 she looks stunning, wow. Not that age matters but it’s a common lament from the film industry that older actresses are overlooked, so it’s nice to see that’s not always the case.

Ziggy got a nice long walk. A new country park has been created in Trumpington that links up with Byron’s pool in Grantchester. It needs to age a bit, the trees are saplings but it’s good to see that with all the new housing that’s been springing up around Cambridge there’s been some thought to maintaining biodiversity:

The weather got so warm earlier in the week that Ziggy had a haircut, his groomer is great, she works from home and loves dogs, who love her. Even so Ziggy was a bit, ahem, lively! Very bouncy. Poodles are all mad she said! He’s much easier to get back in the house now his hair is short and it’s turned cold again, every cloud has a silver lining


I’ve managed to distress a couple of picture frames, I got them from a charity shop and painted, sanded down, re painted, sanded down again and then waxed:

Last but not least, I met Vix and Jon from Kinky Melon. They sell fantastic vintage clothes and it was great to meet them. I saw a skirt on the rails and had to have it. It’s actually something they got on a recent trip to India, the bright orange was irresistible. Their online vintage boutique is well worth visiting.

And now it’s Friday (TGIF) and I’m on my second glass of red, cheers!

Have a good weekend.


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  1. Vix says:

    You look absolutely gorgeous in the skirt!
    Ziggy is a beauty, I adore poodles. If I ever get to meet him I’m going to steal him, be warned.
    I enjoyed seeing you all on your walk. I pointed at the sign for Grantchester on the way to Cambridge and commented to Jon that i thought it was a tv series, I had no idea it was a real place and now it’s on your blog in all it’s glory. Who knew? xxxx


    1. He’s very friendly, he will love you too. Poodles are great, they have huge personalities! Grantchester the TV series is set in the village, I must admit I watch it as it’s local – they were filming when we went to the pub there one day. Can’t wait for some warm weather so I can wear the skirt, we had one day of sun last week and it’s been freezing and raining ever since. xxx


  2. Ann says:

    What better way to enjoy the first stirrings of Spring than with a good walk. The country park seems like a lovely place. Isn’t Ziggy adorable! Love your new skirt from Kinky Melon, which I bet will be getting a lot of wear this summer. You did a wonderful job on those distressed frames. xxx


  3. Ziggy loves a long walk so we’re always on the lookout for somewhere new, it’s a great place to give him a long run. It was great to visit Kinky Melon, I will definitely enjoy wearing the new skirt, it’s so colourful. Vix was beautifully dressed, she looked very stylish. I’ve got a thing for distressing picture frames at the moment, they only cost £1 each and started off as orange pine! xxx


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