Blog Anniversary, what now?


I started writing a blog a year ago this month, not knowing anything about how to do it but wanting the challenge of setting it up and committing to writing each month. As the year has progressed I’ve mostly written weekly and now a year has passed I have been thinking about what I’ve got from it.

I realise that it’s made me live more intentionally, I actually look back over a week and think about what I’ve done and I really like that. It’s also clarified a few of the things I enjoy and enabled me to weed out some of the things I don’t.

I think of it as a blogette, there are some excellent blogs written by people who know what they want to say far better than I do, I sometimes think that I’m all over the place and so blogette sums up that it’s a work in progress!

I thought I would do it for a year and then stop but I’ve got a lot out of it and I would miss it. I have learned about myself through this process, who knew that would happen, it’s really surprised me.

So gathering my thoughts and looking back …..

I like things that are a bit off centre, be that art, style, places, anything really; a few of the things from the past year….


I love getting out into the fresh air; walking the dog, camping, or, even better getting out in the little (tiny) vintage Eriba caravan we renovated last summer…

Then there’s the fairs and vintageing (is that a word?)…

Gardening and even better producing things we can eat…

The small tree in the bottom left photo is a mulberry, planted last year it produced a number of huge, sweet mulberries, they were gorgeous.

Finally, I love doing up old things, I love to make something that’s good for the tip useable again,  just a few examples…

Lots of other things too, sewing, drawing, cooking….The thing is I wouldn’t have thought about these things if I hadn’t started this blog. When I started it I decided I would write about things I like, so it means that it cheers me up and motivates me if I feel a bit down and inspires me to do more when I feel good.

Thank you for reading it and what now? Well I think I’ll carry on and see what else I discover.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. carolee says:

    Do continue!


  2. Vix says:

    Blogging is brilliant and yours is always a joy. Keep it up!
    I love your Eriba, a couple of friends have got one and they’re fab. xxx


  3. Thank you, it’s much appreciated, especially as your blog is so excellent. We wanted an Eriba for ages, he’s called Brian! Xxx


  4. Ann says:

    Hello Sally, I’m Ann, and I’ve just clicked the link to your blog in Vix’s latest post. I liked what I saw, and what’s more, it seems you have been blogging for a year this month, just like me! What a coincidence. I love “vintageing” and being out and about too, and I’m totally in love with your little caravan! xxx


    1. Hi Ann, Happy blog anniversary to you! I will pay you a visit. The caravan is all set for a trip, I can’t wait. xxx


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