Bunny and the beast!

Last night I visited the Soho theatre to see Lady Bunny perform, she has been a drag artist since the 1980’s where she began her career alongside RuPaul.  It was original and fun, and for a drag queen in her 50’s (as she kept reminding everyone), she had an audience of mostly young people (alongside those of us who remember the 80’s well) and she played to a full house.

Her energy filled the room and she had us howling with laughter, all very much on her terms.

The beast in the title refers to my latest read, entitled ‘Being a beast’, the author, Charles Foster wanted to know how living as a variety of different animals would feel, at least as far as possible. It’s a bit bizarre but also unique and as a qualified vet, amongst other things, he brings to the page a very fresh perspective.


He writes about how we relate to our wild distant relatives in the animal Kingdom and he does so with a passion that keeps me hooked.

The other interesting thing I saw was this mural on a wall in Brixton, not the Bowie one, this one was on the end of a house down a residential street. I’ve never been down there before and it stopped me in my tracks:


It’s quite beautiful and very eye catching. When I got home I googled it, just by typing in ‘Brixton mural’. Apparently a series of them were painted by local artists and most were funded by Lambeth council and the Greater London Council after the 1981 riots; this one is called Big Splash, painted by Christine Thomas and assisted by Dave Bangs and Diana Leary in 1985. Many of the people in the mural were local residents.

It seems that some of the murals are no longer there and many are in a state of disrepair, so this one is a real gem.

We’ve just picked our beast up from the dog minder! He spent the night there and he loves it, he has a dog friend and two children to play with and now home he’s exhausted but very happy. Lying by my feet as I write this.

Have a good week.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Vix says:

    Drag acts, living as an animal and murals. Never a dull moment in your life!
    We’ve driven past that mural on the the way to fairs a few times, no matter how dreary the weather it always manages to lift our spirits.
    Hope your dog is getting loads of extra fuss after a night away. xxx


  2. We saw the mural in the dark, wending our way back to where we were staying after our night out and it startled us, so when we walked back the next day we just had to take a photo, it’s great isn’t it. Xxx


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