Avocado Month (February)

Last week a friend texted to ask how Avocado month was going, my name for February describes how it looks to me at this time of year. A colour that was represented in 1970’s bathroom suites and is now seldom seen but looks a sort of muddy green colour, much like the month in fact.

My energy levels at this time of year are lower than a snake’s dangly bits. I often feel like I need to cheer myself up and last week we hit the road from South to North visiting friends and relatives.

We started in London and had lunch at the OXO tower, the views over the Thames are wonderful but I didn’t want to start taking photos and ruining everyone’s lunch. I did snap the drive over Tower Bridge, something makes me do this every time, it’s such an amazing Bridge to look up at as you cross. As long as you’re not doing the driving that is and I wasn’t.

A couple of days later we headed up to the North Yorkshire Dales, Wharfdale in particular to visit a friend and have a hike. The views were breathtaking, if a little.. um.. avocado at this time of year.

Next we carried on going North into County Durham to stay with relatives and spent Saturday just over the border back in North Yorkshire to visit Richmond. A lovely town and in summer very lovely to look at, again though, meh, avocado.

It rained or snowed all week.

I’m glad to have got away, it was good to get out and visit people, a real tonic.

Have a good week, despite avocado month!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Vix says:

    Avocado is a very accurate description for February – the colour rather than the fruit, which I love!
    What a wonderful contrast of city and countryside, shame the weather was inclement but time spent with friends is always good for the soul. xxx


  2. Yes I agree, avocado is delicious, I eat it at every opportunity!
    It was good to get outside even in the bad weather, I’ve spent too much time inside of late xxx


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