Small things that cheered up January

The dark winter days at the start of the year get me down. This week it hasn’t even looked properly light some days, grim! Anyway I’ve kept busy with small things that cheer me up. Nothing grand or especially interesting but it cheers me up no end to just keep doing different things and even something as small as a chat on the phone can lift my spirits.

So I filled the last week of January with lots of little things. I went to the cinema twice; first to see La La Land – brilliant, a real feel good film, also I sat wishing our winters were as warm and sunny as they are in California.

Then I went to see T2: Trainspotting, the weather was more familiar! It was excellent, funny and grim at the same time.


We did the RSPB big garden bird watch last weekend; we’ve done it for years. I’m sure the birds know and spend the hour hiding, we always seem to see far fewer than we do at any other time. We did see one that looked like an escaped canary, who knows?!

I have tried a few new crochet stitches and have also been learning how to use pastels, they were bought for me at Christmas along with a big sketch pad and a few other things.

We’ve started brushing the dog’s teeth, he thinks it’s a game, loves the liver flavoured toothpaste and the finger toothbrush means your fingers are never quite safe. The vet will be pleased though.

We’ve played Bridge with friends and shared suppers, played Boggle (I never seem to improve and have one particular opponent who is far to good at it for my liking, hmm).

I also spent time reading and walking the dog, both done daily. Then there’s Tai chi and swimming, done weekly.

And now it’s February, another grey month but if all else fails I’ll just turn the music up and dance round the kitchen!

Hope you start the month well.


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