Getting creative to liven up the walls

I wrote about my upstairs landing the other week, I want to brighten it up. The material for the windows hasn’t yet arrived so I decided to start on the walls. I’m not painting them yet so they needed some new artwork and I needed to do it on a very small budget.

I spent a very relaxing Saturday afternoon with my partner browsing the charity shops in town for some cheap frames and found three with rubbishy prints in them for £2 each. We then found a nice café and sat drinking coffee and watching the world go by. It was a most successful trip!

When we got home we got to work removing the old pictures and painting the frames, two of them black and the other with chalk paint in firebrick red, this one was left to dry, then distressed and waxed:

We then chose a drawing I had done and two photo’s he took to put in the newly refreshed frames:

Total cost of all three, including the cost of having the photo’s printed was £9. Now I just need to hang them up.

Enjoy the rest of the week.


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