Django revisited

I really started to like the gypsy swing jazz of Django Reinhardt after the film Chocolat. I had always liked it but seeing it played in that lazy summer gypsy setting was perfect. I haven’t listened to it for a while, so when I saw that Django’s Tiger was playing at a café in town last Sunday I had to go.

I originally went to the place they were on at the end of December for another jazz night but when my music buddies and I arrived it was empty and we found out it was cancelled. Fast forward to last Sunday and the place was hopping. There were people swing dancing, people sketching and lots of people like us, just relaxing and listening to the jazz.

Django’s Tiger

The music was Django, obviously, also Stephane Grapelli and lots more played in the gypsy swing style, such a happy sound, everyone looked very upbeat.

It was a great way to spend a dark wet Sunday afternoon and when we came out we all agreed that we wouldn’t hesitate to go again. Music is a good substitute for sunlight in lifting my spirits at this time of the year.

This week has started cold but very sunny and when wrapped up well (it really is cold) walking Ziggy has been great. He can’t believe his luck because he’s been reduced to a walk round the houses in the dark lately so a run across the rec is just what he needed.


He barely stood still long enough for me to take this but I managed to catch him just as he set off again full tilt!

Have a happy week.


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