Planning a revamp for a monochrome upstairs landing

If you’ve ever heard the song ‘Walk out to winter’ by Aztec camera you’ll have some idea of what greets me when I open my bedroom door each morning.


Okay this is a black and white photograph but the colour version looks virtually the same!


As a lover of colour, with a house that has lots of it this is a sorry state of affairs. I’ve been meaning to decorate since moving in but that was eleven years ago and somehow I’ve never got round to it. I think that I stopped noticing since it’s not a ‘room’ or at least not somewhere you stay for long.

Anyway, I’ve been searching for inspiration and Pinterest has helped out. I want to use the idea of the Indian Toran door hangings, used around doorways as a gate to greet special visitors. Instead of having them around doors, I want to use the idea to make some window pelmets in a brightly coloured fabric.

Here are some of the images I pinned to give me inspiration:

and here are some of the rooms that have inspired me:

All of these images are courtesy of Pinterest.

There are three windows on the landing, it’s L shaped and goes round the corner, so hopefully it should make an impact. I’ve ordered the material I’m going to use from eBay and I just need to work out how I want to do it now.

Have a lovely week, even if you are walking out to winter!


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