Another year over…Happy new year

Well, happy new year! It’s that time when one year turns into another and we start to reminisce and look forward simultaneously. Strange that we think that as new year’s eve turns into new year’s day something new starts, it’s absurd and yet it also makes a kind of sense. If, for example, everyone decided that they wanted to be a bit kinder or less materialistic, then that would change things for everyone, it could change the shape of the year.

I’ve been reading this book


I started it a few weeks ago and have been reading it slowly. I read the author’s previous book; Married to Bhutan, and loved it. Linda Leaming is an American who went to live in Bhutan to teach English and she met and married a Bhutanese man. Since the first book she now splits her time between Bhutan and America. She obviously loves Bhutan and its people and has learned a very different way of life. Bhutan is a Buddhist country, not wealthy and with a very well developed sense of community. The government measures Gross National Happiness and happiness and kindness is a priority. It’s a lovely gentle book and it makes me feel happier just reading it!

It also reinforces my belief that happiness as a top priority is a valid goal. I think that it’s impossible to feel happy all the time, I’m no Pollyanna. I think change is inevitable and the ability to weather it and remain content at the core is what I aspire to. A good metaphor is that of the ocean, waves at the top being the emotions and deeper down at the sea bed, all is calm. So when it’s choppy I need to be able to go down to the sea bed and weather the storm!

A couple of other books I have received:


The one on the left was written by someone who used sewing as a way to overcome chronic illness and job loss. I haven’t read it yet but flicking through it, it looks good.

The one on the right was an inspired gift! Any one who knows me well knows that I love the Cure and this is a memoir by Lol Tolhurst, one of the founding members, so I’m looking forward to reading it.

Now it’s a new year the decorations have all been taken down and I hunted round the garden for a few flowers and leaves to brighten things up.


Not bad for January.

Have a great week.


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  1. Vix says:

    Happy New Year, Sally! All three of those books sound right up my street. The colourful cuttings in the pretty jug make me feel like Spring isn’t that far away.
    Do you follow Bibi’s blog? She’s a Californian girl who met and married a Kashmiri guy when she was travelling in Nepal. She shares recipes and some interesting tidbits on life in Nepal and she’s lovely.


  2. Thanks very much for the recommendation, I’ve just looked at the link you added and ended up spending some time reading the posts, it sounds like life in Nepal has a lot of similarities to Bhutan. It’s great, I’ll keep reading. Xxx


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