An inspirational evening of baroque

What better than a feast of baroque music to celebrate the magic of the  season? so says the brochure for Red Priest’s Winter Baroque Carnival.


They have been compared to the Rolling Stones and the Cirque du Soleil amongst others and have been described in the press as; visionary, outrageous, heretical, outrageous and more. I had to get tickets.

So on Friday evening we walked into town via the backs of the colleges:

img_20161216_19054652 The building beyond the bridge is Trinity Hall’s Jerwood Library, which overhangs the river and is open to Trinity Hall students 24 hours a day, which is why Friday evening found it fully lit up.

From there along Trinity Street to Trinity College and the Great Gate:


Founded by Henry VIII in 1546, it’s his statue above the entrance, in his hand he holds a chair leg! Originally it was a sword and it was thought to have been stolen by the infamous Cambridge Night Climbers decades ago. It was replaced with the leg of a chair from the college by a window cleaner who was cleaning the windows in the picture.

The concert took place in the college chapel:


The quartet consisted of a violinist, a cello player, a harpsichord player and the final member who played many versions of the recorder (I remember playing the recorder but it never sounded like that!). They were truly inspirational and played a style that was so individual that it really did break the rules. It was different to anything I’ve ever heard before and I’m glad I went. I left the concert feeling uplifted. It was good to try something different.

The rest of the weekend just unfolded without any particular plan.

On Saturday we went for a good long swim and then came home and  bottled the plum wine that has been fermenting for the last few months. It tastes sweet with a tang and has kept its colour beautifully, probably because we covered the demijohn in foil to stop the light from reaching it:


A quick lunch, then a bit of gardening, just to tidy up and do a bit of pruning, which was quite therapeutic.

After which we sat and relaxed, Guardian strewn around us, music in background and had a long lazy read, perfect.

Sometimes, I think there’s nothing better than just going with the flow without having anything arranged, I find that I’m much more in the moment than when I’m running around trying to keep to a schedule.

Have a lovely week and a happy Christmas.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Vix says:

    Wow! that sounds like a brilliant evening’s entertainment. The hall is magical and both Cambridge and your companion look very good indeed.
    Plum wine sounds deadly but tasty.
    I love a lazy weekend although, that being said, I haven’t finished reading The Guardian yet. Easily distracted.
    Have a fab week & Xmas, Sally! xxx


  2. Yes, the wine does pack a punch! Philip will be pleased by your comment! Xxx


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