A stitch in time

It may well save nine but has also saved my sanity this week. I’ve kept my head down and sewed and crocheted my way through the pre Christmas madness, until today that is. Today I went in to town, finally to face the hordes spending money like water. In some places it was a case of forming a queue to get round. I don’t go mad and I keep it as short and purposeful as possible. Still dread it though, bah humbug.

Today; the festive red of the tail lights getting in to Cambridge town centre:


Not me though, I was smugly walking along beating all the traffic.

It wasn’t all bad, I met up with a friend I haven’t seen for a few weeks and we had lunch – so now I’m a Christmas shopper and a lady who lunches!

Up until this point though I’ve managed to avoid it all and my spare time has been quite relaxing, so, having been found needle in hand for most of the week, I’ve finally finished my latest crocheted blanket.

From a heap of squares (seen in an earlier post), to a load of squares laid out on the bed and finally to a cosy place to curl up with a good book (and the book I’m about to begin).

I’ve also made a skirt. I’ve challenged myself not to buy any clothes this winter but that doesn’t include acquiring the odd bit of material from eBay if it’s a bargain. Well I found just over 3metres of  80’s vintage material and realised that I made a skirt back then from material that if not identical was very similar. I bought it and made a long skirt that is lovely and warm.

It was very easy, I don’t use a pattern for skirts. I make a waistband to fit and then construct it on my dressmakers dummy. This time, as I wanted it to be very full and use all of the fabric, I sewed a seam up the back, put in a zip and then pleated it on to the waistband and finally hemmed it.

Now, with no new things to make I’ve got no excuses and it’s time I started to feel a bit festive.

I’m off to find the mistletoe, I definitely need some mistletoe.

Have a lovely week.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Vix says:

    Looking fabulous, SAlly! I love that voluminous maxi with the Lurex jacket and am liking your way of making skirts, i may have to give that a whirl! The crochet is gorgeous.
    We went chazzing in a nearby town yesterday and had to cut through a shopping mall to get to the charity shops. It took ages to squeeze past the dead-eyed shoppers, trailing huge Primark and B&M Bargains carrier bags, Jon likened them to zombies. x


  2. Thank you Vix .Yes that sums the crowds up exactly ☺ , so much more fun to browse the charity shops and much more interesting, you always seem to find gems! xx


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