Blowing away the cobwebs

Last weekend flew by, time does that when you’re having fun. Blink and you’ll miss it.

On Saturday we spent the day in Brixton


The weather was great, blue skies and after a wander we stopped for lunch at Brixton Village.

Saw the Electric Avenue Strip, lit up by Eddy Grant in October:


Stopped off at the Bowie painting:


Then called in at the Ritzy for coffee where there was a craft fair to browse.

Then over to Camden to see The Bloomsbury Band of flutes and clarinets for their ‘Beast of a Concert’.

This followed a quick pub supper where the landlady spent most of the time we were there attempting to get rid of drunk and over enthusiastic customers, so our meal arrived just in the nick of time!

The concert was great and afterwards we called back to Brixton for a quick family drink before getting the train home. A great day.

Up early on Sunday for a drive to Norwich to see friends for an overdue catch up; a dog walk across fields followed by an absolutely gorgeous vegetarian lunch. It was a lovely day out in good company.

If I can find time this week I’ll get on the sewing machine, pick up the crochet hook and finish a few things off.

Have a lovely week  xx



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Vix says:

    Great photos! I love Brixton – although I rarely see more of it than the venue we’re trading in.
    That sounds like a fabulous way to spend the weekend. xxx


  2. I love it too, it has a great vibe. I meant to take more photos but got carried away with what I was doing and forgot to! Xx


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