Friday I’m in love

Last week was stressful and by Friday I had a bad back and had developed a rash round my eyes (horror, no make up!) so I was feeling a bit down to be honest. This wasn’t a good state of affairs because I love Fridays. The weekend starts here, is my attitude.

So, by late afternoon I had downed tools and was lying on the sofa eating crisps with a glass of wine in hand, when my partner suggested listening to some alpha wave music (someone had suggested it was very relaxing). Now this is not my usual Friday evening listening so I wasn’t exactly enthusiastic but I agreed anyway and it worked! I sat book in one hand, wine in the other, alpha waves in the background and started to feel much more chilled.

By the time we sat down to home made chicken enchiladas, made by partner so very welcome, I started to get my mojo back. By bed time, several glasses of wine later my weekend vibe had returned.

Saturday morning and I looked through the fridge to see what was languishing; loathe to waste food I do this fairly often. A half used jar of Tahini paste suggested houmous:

A few ingredients (also lemon juice and olive oil), a blender…et voila (couldn’t resist the photo, it tasted lovely!)

To go with it we had home made ciabatta, the easiest bread, all it contains is flour, water, olive oil, yeast and a little sugar and salt:


So with these and supplemented by cheeses, chutney and tomatoes all in all it resulted in a nice relaxing lunch.

Then in to town for a wander, there was lots of live street music going on and as it was Jazz week, a Jazz band stood on the steps of the Fitzwilliam museum.

On Sunday we went to see Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. The local Arts Picturehouse is a great place to see films and it has a restaurant/café/bar that is a favourite of ours. It was booked solid, not a spare seat in the house, perfect for escaping a wet, cold, November afternoon.

Today I called in at a  Charity shop that opened locally over the summer, there was nothing to inspire but it’s always worth checking. I like mid 20th century style and I found some nice studio pottery for just a couple of pounds when it first opened:

The one in the middle is a Bolingey Perranporth studio pottery gourd vase, the orange one is just lovely, I love the colours.

I’m still not wearing eye makeup but the rash seems to have almost gone, just as well as I feel nude without it!

Now that winter is here and the leaves are turning to mush on the wet muddy ground and the nights are drawing in fast, I hope you have some crazy, lazy, hazy days of fun this week xx

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  1. Vix says:

    Your hummus and ciabatta look soooo good even at 8.15 in the morning!
    I’ve never heard of alpha wave music but I’m glad it did the trick and you were able to make the most of your weekend.
    Your chazzas finds are fabulous.
    I hope the eye rash goes soon, nothing worse than having to forego the makeup. I know it’s really naughty but when I had a similar thing I applied hydrocortisone around the eye area, one thin application got rid of it. xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you Vix. I must admit that I’ve resorted to hydrocortisone too, I’m back in eyeshadow today, not ready for eyeliner yet but getting there! Xxx


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